Type A Or Type B

When describing personality a common classification used is, type A or type B . Type A personality types are characterized by ambition, high energy levels, and chomp divisiveness; type Ass are also more susceptible to stress which can lead to serious problems such h as heart disease. Type B personalities are said to be easygoing and are less likely to develop pH yuccas and physiological illness from stress. I conducted my own experiment on high such LOL seniors in accelerated courses to see if they are type A or type B, and to determine if the re is a difference between how type A and B personality types handle stress.

Experimental process gave five male high school seniors in accelerated courses ( B, AP, and/ or Dual Enrollment) a survey that determined their personality type in the terms of A or B, and they also received an eight question questionnaire that assessed their individual ways of handling stress. I repeated this same process with five female high school seniors in accelerate d courses. I hypothesized that all of my subjects would be type A because they are very in evolved in their school, and excel in advanced classes, but I believe they girls would score high ere on the type A call.

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I then collected all ten of the surveys after three days of distributing the m and used their responses to come up with the conclusion which I will further discuss. Test Subjects My first male subject was a 17 year old high school senior who is involved in CLC UBS and sports at his school, and is currently enrolled in three Advanced Placement cal sees. He scored a 120 on the type A survey which places him in the highest level of type A. He b lives that people with type A personality types are “effective, productive, and efficient”, but they also have more stress.

He handles stress by exercising, but sometimes finds himself hold ding his emotions in which leads to further stress. My second and third male subjects are both I n AP classes, involved in sports and clubs at their school, and scored a 108 on the survey w which makes them type A. Subject two feels that type A personalities are more accomplished, but they work too much and often spread themselves too thin. Subject three said he doesn’t fee I stress very often, but when he does he works it out in the gym. My last two male subjects are b 10th active in school and are both Type B.

Both said they do not feel stressed very often, and usurp singly, one of them dropped out of his only accelerated class in the last couple of weeks. Interests Nagy, the male subject who dropped out is by far an outlier in my experiment having only Soc red an 84 which is the lowest type B possible. My female subjects were all high school seniors with ages ranging from 17 to 19 and are all enrolled in accelerated courses; all female subjects were tested to be type A with scores ranging from 111 to 135.

All of the female subjects are extremely involved in t heir school and immunity and 80% of them are also leaders of a type of sport, club, or group p in their school. Three of my female subjects are B students, one of them is in AP courses, an d the other is in AP and dual enrollment courses. All female subjects agreed that being type A me NAS a person IS determined and hardworking, but being type A also means a person is irritable e, easily stressed, and often has no time to relax.

Us reeve Rest Its On the questionnaire, my subjects’ opinion on stress in different occupations and cultures varied. Some felt that stress is handled differently depending on the occupation a per on is in, and others did not think that occupation mattered. This is similar to culture; some answer red yes to the question, and others answered no. When it came to ways of handling stress, t he majority of my subjects said that exercise is the healthiest way they relieve stress.

A few of my subjects also said they revert to eating when they are stressed which is unhealthy and can mega Tivoli affect the body in many different ways. My hypothesis was close, but it was not complete Ely accurate. The girls’ experimental group ended up being 100% type A and did score higher o the type A scale than the boys experimental group did, but all of my subjects were not type A eke I presumed. Only 60% of my male subjects were type A which is not what I suspected.

In m y male subjects, I have to consider experimental error, as the outlier subject I mentioned preview ugly could not handle the rigor of accelerated course and dropped out. This subject alters the e accuracy of my results because he technically should not qualify as an advanced student. If h e is removed from my results, then 75% of my advanced male senior subjects are type A which b rings the results a title closer to supporting my hypothesis. With the outlier removed, my entire experimental groups were 89% type A.

Conclusion Of my entire experimental groups 80% were type A which makes sense because SE my test us objects take accelerated courses at their own will because they strive for such cues and do not mind working harder than students in regular courses. If I could redo this expo raiment I believe it would be interesting to compare ten advanced students with ten regular stud .NET to see how the personality types differ and the amount of stress the students feel. Also, regular AR students marred to accelerated students would probably have different ways Of Han idling stress which would be useful in further research.

According to my result, female high echo 01 seniors are more type A than male high school seniors which means the females have more SST sees and unfortunately they are at higher risk for physical and physiological illness. All high school students face some sort of stresses, and regardless of their involvement in SC wool, course load, or personality type, it is important that they practice healthy ways of handling SST sees in order to stay healthy and live longer and healthier lives.