Unit 1

1- Jocelyn Gomez Silguero


A normal human




Jocelyn likes food




Jocelyn really REALLY likes food

2- Earth Science
The study of Earth and its neighbors


We are learning Earth Science right now


Earth Science explains the things that go on on Earth and the reasons it happens

3- Geology
The study of rocks and minerals


It doesn’t focus on just earth. It can be about the crust of mars or even the MOON!


Geology can determine how old the earth is based on its layers

Oceanography is the study of the ocean
Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere


Those weather broadcasters on TV use meteorology in order to predict the weather


This can be based off of temperature, humidity, even the clouds

The study of the celestial bodies, like the earth and Venus


It explains the origins of stars and celestial bodies


It also explains the strange things that are caused by the universe

7-Environmental Science
A type of science that revolves around the environment


This helps explains the strange phenomena on earth


Basically explains everything earth

8- Scientific method
A process used by scientists in order to infer possible reasons for the effects of strange earth phenomena


You most likely used this in middle school for those science fairs

9- Controlled experiment
Experiments that have controlled variables, or have a portion that one can control and another that nature takes over.


Water is a commonly chosen variable


There are instances when there are multiple variables. Mo’ variables, mo’ complications (or problems. i couldnt find a way to fit it in ;.;)

10-Control Group
The group that is going to be compared to


Usually considered the neutral group


This is the group that won’t be messed around with

11- Experimental group
The group that will be experimented with


think of it like a computer with the developer mode on


this is the group that can be toyed around with

12- Dependent variable
The variable that is affected by the independent variable


Often times it’s the people or things who are experimented on

13-Independent variable
The variable that is affecting the dependent variable


It determines(ha undertale) what will happen to the dependent variable


It’s an independent variable who don’t need no conclusion

14- topographic map
a map that shows how deep or steep an area is like a montana


Ms.Kunkle uses this while hiking or mountain biking


The closer the lines, the higher the chance that you might have to become miley cyrus and do THE CLIMB

the space between contour lines


this is the space between lines mentioned in the previous card


The more the relief, the more relief you’ll feel after not having to climb up a flippin montana

16- contour lines
this determines how high or low the area is


the closer together, the steeper the mountain

18-contour map rules
a set of rules used to read a topo map properly


it can be used as a sort of key to decipher the map


use it right, and you should find your way through the forest! if only hansel and gretel had this, they wouldn’t need to waste perfectly good bread!

19-components of a map
Components are the title, key or legend, compass orientation, scale, and date.


the world has changed very much these past thousand years. maps from the 1700’s wouldn’t be as accurate as those today.

imaginary coordinate lines going east to west that help determine one’s current position on earth or pretty much any other planet that might happen to have an equator or prime meridian


The crystal gems need the latitude and longitude of the cluster in order to terminate it

Imaginary lines gooing north to south that help determine one’s current position on earth


Before Peridot displayed a hologram of a gem-invaded- planet earth, they searched through the old gem files in order to find the cluster’s exact coordinates, longitude and latitude.

22- gaggle and google docs
online apps powered by google that give the traditional classroom a better online foundation


you can use these if you are on an offline chromebook as well, because it autosaves your progress on your doc


gaggle is like the educational brother of google