unit 4

85. mining

Def. there are three main types of mining (long wall mining, shaft mining and pillar mining) they are all dangerous for humans.


Sent. The city is a distributing point for the

neighbouring mining region.


Ex1. surface mining

Ex2. subsurface mining




Def.cutting down all the trees


Sent.The process of reckless deforestation is perceptible in certain districts, the natives often destroying a whole tree for a plank or rafter.



Ex2. storms


Def.farming impacts the land in a variety of negative ways but it can be done sustainably.

Sent.The region contains most of the country’s rain-fed agriculture.



Ex2. sharing backyards




Def.when there are too many herbivores for a given area


Sent. Overgrazing, irresponsible irrigation practices and soil erosion are widespread.


Ex1. no grass


Ex2. no food