Unit 4 Pictionary

85. Mining
there are three main types of mining (long wall mining, shaft mining and pillar mining) they are all dangerous for humans

Mining is devastating our landscape.

EX: Coal and Oil

86. Deforestation
cutting down all the trees

Theres a lot of deforestation going on near the outlets.

Ex. Urbanization

Government work

87. Agriculture
farming impacts the land in a variety of negative ways but it can be done sustainably.

Agriculture hurts our soil.

Ex: Corn Farming

Wheat Farming


88. Overgrazing
when there are too many herbivores for a given area

Overgrazing usually happens in the Midwest.

Ex: Kansas, Idaho

88. Urbanization
loss of forests due to building cities and results in “heat islands”

Charlotte was created because of Urbanization.

Ex: Chicago, New York


90. Land Use
all land serves a purpose, it may filter water, hold ground water or supply nutrients for a forest.

Land use is pretty self explanatory.

ex- Land fills, Run off containment


91. Non-Renewable Resource
  one that does NOT naturally replenish in a lifetime

Non-renewables cannot be made new again.

Ex- Coal , Oil

92. Renewable Resource
naturally replenishes itself over time

Renewable Resources can be made new again.

Ex- Water, Wind energy

93. Recyclable resource
one that can be processed and made into a new product

Recyclable Resources can be reused.

Ex- Water , Wind