unit 6

118. layers of the Atmosphere
Def – Mesosphere. As the mesosphere extends upward above the stratosphere, temperatures decrease.

Sen- The layes or the atmosphere are divided into four

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Ex – mesosphere


119. Changing States of water
Def – When a solid, liquid, or gas can turn into one another by a process.

Sen – There are 4 chaning states of water.


Ex – gas -> liquid

solid -> liquid


120. Latent Heat

Def – When heat is abosorbed or released to changeone thing into another.

Sen –  Latent heat can be absorbed or released.

Ex1 – Condensation Freezing


121. Saturation Point

Def –

the point at which a substance will receive no more of another substance in solution, chemical combination, etc.

Sen – The saturation point is ALMOST like the dew point, but it’s not.

Ex – Absorbed