Unit 6

What is another word forexponential growth?
 Geometric Growth
 m (E)
 man is a function of earth
 y= f(x)
 y is a function of x
 Relative Growth Rate indicates…

 the % increase or decrease iny or a population
What is the equation fordoubling time?
 Dt = 70/ annual percentage growth
When a population exceeds the carrying capacity, the death rate _____the birth rate
When a population exceeds the carrying capacity of its environment, its called an __________
Pattern of overshoot or diebackis also called __________or _______ __________
irruptiveorMalthusian Growth
 What did Malthus believe?
 Human population increases until resources are exhausted 
Why do we overshoot the carrying capacity?
We believe we have unlimited resources
 What is the net gain of humans per second?
 2 seconds
What is the social justice concern about human population?
Shortage is due to greed, waste, and oppression.  It’s the distribution of wealth and power rather than population size
What are four factors that determine population growth?
What does population growth;lead to?
Crime, starvation, misery, and war
What does Malthus believe?
population growth will;exceed the carrying capacity
What does Marx believe?
Population growth is a symptom resulting from social injustice
production of new individuals by birth
Physical ability to reproduce
# of offspring produced by 1 woman
Crude birth rate
# of births per year per 1000 people
Why is the crude birth rate crude?
It assumes all women are in their productive age
What is the world growth rate?
What is the dependency ratio?
Number of non working compared to working individuals in a population