unit 6

layers of the atmosphere


Troposphere- it is the first layer and very dense and we live in it. 

Stratosphere-  it is the ozone layer and one layer above the troposphere

Mesosphere-   meteors burn in this layer and and its right above stratosphere layer.

Thermosphere    -satellites an aurora occurs in this layer and its one layer above the mesosphere.                                                                                    



saturation point


a stage where no more of a substance can be vaporized or evaporated.


the air is at its saturation point because it rained and it evaporated so it cant go no farther into evaporation


1. rain

2. snow

relative humidity


a percentage of how much water vapor is in the air.


hey billy the news caster what is the relative humidity as of right now.


ex 1 . 10 degrees celius is 100% relative humidity

ex 2 . 30 degrees celius is 28% relative humidity



an instrument used to measure moisture in the atmosphere.


i wonder how moist the air is lets just check the hygrometer.


1. mist in the air use the hygrometer

2.  snow in the air use the hygrometer

dew point


a tempature for a parcel which must be cooled.


man its wet outside doesnt rain turn into water vapor ? lets check the dew point

ex. if its a high dew point like 80 degrees you will feel hot or sticky

ex. if it is cold like 19 degrees you will be numb and have goose bumps.

adiabatic rates


the state where heat does not enter or leave the system concerned.


hey tom the atmosphere tempature is decreasing while the altitude is increasing . yes i know that is called adiabatic rates


ex. the movement of air mass in the atmosphere

ex. when an air mass descends



condensed water vapor just floating in the air or atmosphere


when i lay down in the street and look up i see clouds.

ex. stratus

ex. cirrus

air mass


air volume defined by the tempature.



if the air mass is warm and tropical thenit is called maritime tropical.


ex. maritime tropical

ex. contiental polar

air pressure


pressures exerted by the weight of air


the higher you go in the air the air pressure gets stronger and can kill you


ex. balloon

ex. opening a water bottle or soda



an instrument to messure the pressure of air.


lets check the pressure of the air go get the barometer.


ex. pressure

ex. tight air

isobar map


a map that has a line on it connecting all points that have the same atmospheric pressure


do you see the line on the map that has an H on it thats  the isobar.


ex. high pressure on the map

ex. low pressure on the map



a scale of a large air mass that rotates around a strong center of low pressure


ex. antlantic tropical cyclone

ex. north indian ocean cyclone



a large-scale circulation of winds around a central region of high atmospheric pressure, clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, anti-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere


the anticyclone goes counter clock wise opposed to the cyclone.

ex. counter clock wise

ex. reverse

cold front


a state where cold air is replacing a warm front.


hey kunk it was just warm out here now it dropped 10 degrees a cold front came through.


ex. rain

ex. snow

warm front


a state where warm air is replacing a cold front.


yo it was just cold out here now it warmed up by 5 degrees thats a warm front.


ex. sunny

ex. cloudy but warm

stationary front


a state where two air masses come through but neither one of them is strong enough to replace each other


ex. rain

ex. sunny


i put sunny and rain because they are two different front types and stationary is basically both just neither one is stronger.

occluded front


when a cold front overtakes a warm front forming cooler air forcing the warm front to seperate from the cyclone center of earth.


hey the warm air hasnt been around for a long time maybe that is because and occluded front came through


ex. snow

ex. rain

el nino


a phase of warm air called el nino.


it feels like el nino has came because it got warmer outside.


ex. sunny

ex. humid and hot

la nina
cooled down water in the equatorial pacific water.

this ocean water is hot i hope a la nina comes through so the water can cool off.


ex. cold water

ex. frozen water

doppler effect
a frequency change in a wave.


i know i cant see waves but if they change thats callled a doppler effect .


ex. wave went away

ex. new wave

ozone layer
a shield in the stratosphere the absorbs ultra violit sun rays (uv)


the layer that protects the stratosphere from radiation is called the ozone layer.


ex. radiation

ex. UV’s

greenhouse effect
radiation from a planet which warms up the surface to more than it would be with out an atmosphere.


it is certainly warm out here i think that is the greenhouse effect.


ex. heat

ex. solar radiation

global warming
a huge increase on the average of earths atmospheres  tempature warming the lands and oceans.


global warming is supposed to be a permanent change to earths climate .