unit 6 m1

Quality of codeWhy is it important to ensure the quality of code
Ensuring the quality of code is essential to producing a long lasting effective and robust program. Creating an extremely effective and efficient program takes a lot of time and resources as well as needing a well diverse and experienced programmer. How do you ensure the quality of code
A method for ensuring quality of code is by ensuring the program is reliable and robust. This involves ensuring the program can cope with anything. To do this the programmer will ensure that even if the program is suffers severe misuse it will continue to function as intended. For example, if text is entered where numbers are required or buttons are selected at inappropriate times the program will display error messages as opposed to simply crashing the program. This is achieved by thorough testing and intelligent programing.
Another thing to consider when considering quality of code is to ensure that the program is user friendly. This is done through intelligent design, thorough testing and reviews of the program. A good method for making the program user friendly is ensuring all inputs are labelled to ensure the user knows what to input into the program. Another important thing to consider when programming is Portability this is the ability of a program to run on different hardware or software platforms. This may be important for some systems. Java for example can run on multiple platforms. Another essential part is Maintainability, every commercial software product needs to be maintained with updates, bug fixes and new features. There are a number of things that can be done to make software easier to maintain.These include: good detailed technical documentation describing the design and implementation of the software.