College that became the undefeated after they won the national championship as over Harvard because of being taught under a brilliant and ambitious debate coach named Melvin Tolstoy. The character that liked in the movie is James Farmer, Jar. At a young age, he already went to college and was also able to become a part of the debate team. At fir SST he was afraid Of making a public speech in front Of a full audience because he gets nervous from time to time.

But when it came to the debate against the Harvard, Farmer proved him self to be quite a motivational speaker when it came to debating about civil disobedience. Farm errs explains this when told them that one night he was with his teammates and they saw one of their own people tied to a tree set on fire with a lynch mob circled all around. Farmer as id that this was done because of hatred and racism against black people, and said that the true e crime was committed by those who used acts of violence to those innocent victims that didn’t do anything wrong in the first place.

There was also discrimination in the movie. White people are referred as the s period while the black are considered to be in the lowest rank. This belief has only re us Tied to conflict. There was scene in the film during the course of Cantata’s speech delivery when many white folks left. It clearly shows that during that time white people din’ t really showed respect to the black people. Most importantly was the lynching of the black man in Texas for unknown reasons and the attempted assault of Tolstoy and his debaters by the e white mobs.