Deforestation is the removal of a forest or stand of trees for a fuel source.
Wild fires are controlled burns by the forestry service.
Early arrivals of spring snowmelt lead to longer dry season which increase the chance of fires.
Forest fires are created naturally or by man that destroys the forest.
Non-native species are species introduced into an area that is not native to the area.
Overgrazing occurs when animals are allowed to graze in areas and the plants are allowed to grow back.
How do you measure acid rain?
pH scale
Where would the highest amounts of acid rain most likely be found?
in urban areas
Why would citizens be advised to recycle plastic products?
because the products are not biodegradable and would therefore accumulate
What are the main contributors to acid deposition?
Sulfur Dioxide & Nitrogen Oxides
What time frame did the people begin growing genetically modified organisms (GMO) to help feed a growing population?
Green Revolution
Why are big cities growing?
Increase in birth rates & immigation
Which of the following is not a type of mining?
Top soil mining
Contour plowing is a soil conservation method that involves _______.
never planting crops on hills
Which of the following is a cause or effect of a forest fire?
– Warmer spring and summer temperatures
– More CO2 in the air
– Global Warming
Which of the following is not a potential adverse effect of global warming?
Due to global warming, if all the ice in the glaciers of Antarctica melts, about how much will the oceans rise?
200 feet
What time frame did the people work the farmland by hand and cut down trees for a fuel source?
Hunter and Gatherer’s Era
The Agricultural Revolution is NOT characterized by ______.
Spread of disease
Law states that one must put back ____ as much as mined.
Which change would most likely occur as a result of rapid increases in the global population?
Carrying capacity refers to _________.
the maximum size of population the environment will support.
Which of the following is a newer agriculture method?
Slash-and-burn cultivation
The two major impacts expected as a result of rising global temperatures are?
Regional climatic changes and a rise in sea level
Why should the farming industry adopt sustainable agriculture practices?
To reduce the environmental degradation and economic losses
The use of public transportation is ______.
The best option for decreasing the use of fossil fuels for transportaion.
One way that mining for mineral resources damages the land is by _______.
increasing soil erosion
Which of he following is an introduced species that have become invasive in the US?
– Zebra Mussels
– Kudku
– Lionfish
Due to global warming, if all the ice from Greenland melts, about how much will the oceans rise?
20 feet
Species that migrate or are accidentally introduced into an ecosystem are called ______.
Non-native species
Average atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations show that what trend over the period 1955 to the present?
Which of the following is a benefit of urban development?
Medical services
Power plants release sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, where they combine with water vapor to form ______.
acid rain
Which is ore likely to prevent mass-movement events?
contour plowing of crop areas
A logistic growth curve depicting a population that is limited by a definite carrying is shaped like the letter ________.
Which of the following is an effect of acid rain?
– pH levels of rivers
– indicator species dissappearing
– chemical weathering of structures
Earth’s climate __________.
is changing as a result of natural and human processes
What time frame did the people begin using the Slash and Burn Cycle?
Agriculture Revoultion
What is the maximum number of individuals the environment can support?
Carrying capacity