Value of life essay

Thesis Steve Job’s argument that death is the only thing that makes life valuable is accurate. His view of death is that it is the major driving factor in making our Ii eves memorable. If we were immortal, people would care less about what they do with their lives. It is evident that the fear of death exists in almost everyone, even those who are deeply religious fear dying. Death is the sole factor that gives our lives mean g and will always make life decisions for us.

The fear of death is embedded into our brains as it is what we all fight against everyday. Everyday is a fight for survival, everyday we hope to wake up, and e everyday we strive to live. Whether we like it or not we are instilled with the fight or flip HTH response which keeps us away from death along with our own will for survival. People have dreams and plans of doing great things with their lives before they die. People e have a natural desire to be the best they can be, which is why we have created fiction us heroes that represent what we wish to become.

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Many of the heroes we have conjure d up are immortal and live forever and still make their lives valuable. We create what w e strive to be hence the creation of superman, the flash, the green lantern, and many m ore. Death is a huge motivator to live but another reason people fear death is onto just because they fear the end of life. “No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. “(Steve Job’s Commencement address) n fact the majority of people believe in some kind of afterlife and the true fear is judge meet day which comes after death.

Damnation is the real reason people fear death and ecocide to make their lives worth something, not for themselves but for god. There are those who believe that life is meaningless because of death and that death is inevitable so we shouldn’t care what we leave on earth since everyone Will eventually die. However, value in life is not measured by time it is measured b y the meaningful moments within it. Life already has no limit on its value “until some thing unheard of began to happen. The courts started to put a dollar value on a life after death . (Amanda Ripley, February 6, 2002 Time Magazine).