vehicle emissions and control

air polluntant factors
engine design and type, how much fuel, maintainence andhabits,poll contol tech, engine type
engine design
air/fual ratio, 2 stage comb, lean burn, compessioratio, decrese cylinder surface, timing in spark, exhuast reuse
fuel use
sulfur free, lead free, benzene, oxygenated fuels, reformualted gas,
alternative fuels
diesel, dio diesel, hybrid cars, ethanol
advantages of ethanol
renewable, energy independence, reduce co co2
disadvantages of ethanol
less energythan gas, more fuel and eight no place to get it,
CNG Cmpressed natural gas advantages
available, can get it, less CO2, nox, HC
CNG Cmpressed natural gas disadvantages
less travel, tank sapce and high pressure, expensive