Vihhar Letter

I have participated in several math and science fair competitions and won awards. I enjoy skiing, snowboarding and soccer. Am ranked in Silver medal category at Instars Ski racing. Recently I recognized my love towards public speaking and participating in intellectual debates. I am very social person and enjoy being around with my friends and family. Scrapbook has provided me with more opportunities and challenges in the areas of my interest and has also exposed me to new areas and experiences. One of the greatest experience at Scrapbook was the wolverine camp.

I learned many survival skills like making a fire, climbing a wall, cross country skiing, etc. It pushed me to my limits and was encouraged to do things never imagined. Was able to build stronger friendships while we stayed and worked together for a week at this camp. Academically Scrapbook has been very enriching. A week’s worth of learning at Scrapbook has been equal to year’s worth material during my 5th grade at Meadowlark elementary. Enjoy the rigor and challenges of the curriculum and what makes it more interesting is that teachers have fun and unique says of teaching while providing lot of individual attention. Hint I have the best teachers ever, who make the subjects very fun, engaging and interesting. Clubs, sports and extracurricular activities are other aspects of Scrapbook that make it really fun and helped me grow socially. I made many new friends who are very similar and different than me. My favorite club in Scrapbook is Robotics. It is really fun seeing your hard work pay off when my team won first in regional and I was part of the winning play at the end. Am also in the yogi club that was formed this year. M the secretary of this club and my friends think am the best sixth grader in this game.

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I also like after school sports like soccer and football. I love the teamwork and appreciate how the teachers make it fun for everyone by making it a very fair and honest game. Am very happy and excited to be part of Scrapbook School. I am very grateful to the donors of the Tabular Scholarship in Honor of Rarely Gibbers, for the scholarship and inviting me to be part of this great journey at Scrapbook. I will look forward to many more exciting enriching, fun years ahead at Scrapbook.