Violence among the young

Why violence among youth in Vietnam is increasingly on the rise and how to solve it. I think there are two main reasons. Firstly, it’s because of mass media. Mass media plays important part in our life, but it’s also one the main reasons that makes young people more violent. Children in Vietnam are exposed to a tremendous amount of violence from radio, television, movies, video games, and even the World Wide Web. It has a huge negative effect on people, especially the young. Unless limited, elevation can have a big effect on the way children learn to act.

So, if they usually see violence on T. V. Then they will think that it is okay and they will not know how bad violence really is. Violent scenes will be a part of you for the rest of your life. It causes them to behave in an aggressive and violent manner. Secondly, and think this is the primary reason, because of the parent. When their children make some mistakes or have violent attitudes, parents usually blame for school, violent programs on TV, video games and so any things that promote violence.

They have blamed everyone and everything other than themselves. They don’t know violence among their child because of them, because of the lack of parental responsibility and intervention at home. Adult work a lot of so they don’t have time to care, sharer and find out their child’s daily activities. Day after day, children are more and more isolated from parents. As a result, when they have problems and conflicts, they solve it base on a lot of thing that they watch on TV and died games and it’s sure that they don’t know what is good or bad thing.

Moreover, children often looks to their parents as role models. Therefore, if the parent tends to behave in an aggressive manner, the child will tend to copy this behavior For those reasons, to solve this problem, the role of adult is so important. Firstly, the teachers and parents should watch closely over the children. If kids are giving more time, it will help them more sociable to access good things. Secondly, the teachers and parents should praise and encourage for their good performance.

This action will motivate them to do better with the hope of getting more reward. Thirdly, be a good counselor, always give them good advices when they have problem, show them the difference between the good and bad thing. Last but not at lease, love and care. No medicine is as potent as love and affections.