Violence sport event participate in violent confrontations with

Violence in sports today is most prevalent and can be mostly seen in team sports such as basketball, ice hockey, football, and rugby. Most violence sparks from players including coaches, fans, and media which resulted in contributing to the wide spared of violence in sports today.

Athletes resolved to violence in sports as a means to help them to demonstrate as an act of competition to challenge themselves against other competitors. During the game athletes would hope to win their opponent which results in them showing instinctive aggressive behaviour towards their competitors by injuring and intimidating them. Likewise, athletes may show frustration or aggressiveness at instances where they come across disappointing experiences such as when the footballer is about to score a goal, his opponent deflected the ball away preventing him from scoring. Next, in the game of sports, when coach emphasizes a lot on winning, athletes will have intensifying stress and frustration and when the players do not achieve the aims it will then trigger the aggressive violence amongst the team members. This effect of violence is related to each athlete’s perception of aggression towards the coach. Additionally, it has also been a culture in the early days where by ancestor’s resort to performing violence and aggressiveness during a sports game due to their nature competitiveness.

Violence can be resulted from fans/spectators at the sport event participate in violent confrontations with spectators during a competition, such as fans/spectators intruding into the play area to engage in a disputed game as a result of frustration and disappointment, throwing punches, pushing and kicking the players which resulted in injuries. Apart from that there are also incidents of object throwing at the players resulting in injuries, match delays and match cancellation. The fans/spectators of the Young players widely respect their sports player as heroes would view them as their role models and imitate their behaviour therefor they would be exposed to violence in sports which further leads to aggression.  

Mass media socialise and influences the young into gaining sports violence. Subsequently, they will be influences to violence sports resulting in them copying the bad violence behaviour. Apart from that, mass media companies also use violence in their advertisements and publication to attract more viewers attentions in order to generate greater profit. Hence, media can spread violence significantly in sports.   

In conclusion, violence in sports can be caused by many factors as seen mention above. It has resulted in many athletes sustaining injures with the excessive violence in sports, this will eventually affect the athletes mental and physical performances. To reduce excessive violent in sports, preventive measures can be implemented to minimises the risk during competition such as implementing strict rules and regulation, suspension, penalties etc.