Visco, APES

Process for obtaining fresh water, removes salt from ocean water.
soil salinization
Salted fields. Typically occurs in hot, dry areas of the world
Method for reducing floods in an area. Reduces natural overflow causing a buildup and when the levee finally ends, the flood is worse in the area. Floods also tend to break the levees causing devastating floods to the area
The way pollutants travel while in the watertable. Can be tracked and monitered as well as traced to origin point.
Water Hardness
Amount of heavy metals (Iron, lead, copper, etc) present in drinking water.
Primary sewage Treatment
First stage of sewage treatment, consists of seperation screens. Physical seperation.
Grey Water
Featured in the grey water system of water, gray water is the term for used water that isn’t necessarily dirty. This includes water from the sink or dishwasher. In the grey water system, this water is collected in a grey water storage tank, then sent to the toilet, or outside to water the lawn. Afterall, what’s the point of using drinking water to fill the toilet?
Area around a river that is designed by nature to handle a flood of the river. Tends to be relatively flat, and fertile.
Secondary Sewage Treatment
Activated sludge process. Signifigatly decreases the biological content of the waste.
Ogallala Aquifer
Formerly the largest Aquifer in the United States, is nearing total depletion due to over-draining. Located in the Great Plains and spans several states.
Cheaper than Ozonation, is an effective method of removing pathogens from water. Is ineffective against cryptosporidium.
Tertiary sewage treatment
Raises effluent quality before it is discharged into the environment.
A measure of the amount of sediments in water
By-product of chlorination, formed when the body of water has high levels of organic matter.
Salt water intrusion
Caused by Consumption of groundwater while near an Ocean, allowing the salt water to intrude on the water table, causing soil salinization.
Drip/Trickle Irrigation
Most efficient form of irrigation, pinpricks in a hose allow small amounts of water to drip out.
Biological Oxygen Demand and Dissolved Oxygen
Caused by sewage/fertilizer being dumped into water, this is the resulting population boom of algae.
Fishkill. A near-total loss of DO. Causes nearly everthing in that section of river to die, anaerobic decomposers then come in.
Using resources wisely, and more efficently
Non point source pollution
pollution originating at an area. Ex: Farms, golf courses, etc.
Point Source Pollution
Pollution originating from a specific spot. Ex: Illegal Dumping.
Clean Water Act
Rivers, Oceans, Lakes
National Environmental Policy Act
Anything built outside needs to have environmental consequences of construction/project reviewed – Environmental impact statement