Wado-ryu Karate Kata Essay

Kate is classically fighting without a partner being in front of you. As such a Kate should always be performed as if one were fighting an opponent. Points to remember- Kinship – Awareness. Imagine where your opponent would be. Nimbuses – The lines of Kate. Ideally you should start and finish on the same spot, and keep within the lines of the Kate. Kaki – Spirit. This is displayed by a shout at set points in the Kate. Change – The correct focus of your attention. Was No Swanky – Correct Speeds. Contrast between the fast and slow movements. ;Introduction to Wad-Rye Karate (Andrew Gentry) “Kate No Roughens (Six principles of Kate)- – Skits Kate. Kate must be alive and done with feeling and purpose. 2- Nine. Kate must be performed with spirit. 3- Charka no Skyjack. Kate should be done with changes in application of power. Technique can be strong or yielding hard then soft. 4- Was no Swanky. Kate should be done with variations in the timing of movement, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. 5- Kiosks no Don’t. Kate must be done with proper rhythm of breathing, when to inhale and exhale. 6- Balance.

Proper balance must be maintained in the performance of Kate. The first set of Keats are called ‘Pain’ meaning ‘Peace and Calm’. Here is a sits of Pain Keats and meanings- Pain Shoddy – One/First Pain Indian – Two/Second Pain Sand – Three/ Third Pain Woody – Four/Fourth Pain Goddamn – Five/Fifth Technically, Pain Shoddy is the first Pain Kate, but Pain Indian is easier to learn when starting Karate with no pre-knowledge, so it is typically taught first. If Karate is taught Very specifically traditionally, then Pain Shoddy would usually come first to Pain Indian. Karate In Sentiments” meaning “Karate-aka should never attack first”. This is shown in most Keats as you would be intercepting an opponent’s attack; not yourself attacking Bunkum: Key for Bunkum: Performer: Karate-aka performing Kate Attacker: Current opponent of the Performer All Keats explained are my interpretations of what the “attacker” is doing and what the “performer” does to defend. They are no solid authenticity. Pain Shoddy; The first move is a Sotto Eke blocking a right hand Sukiyaki to the face and a Sodas Eke to block a left leg roundhouse kick coming to the face.

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As the right hand is brought downwards, the attacker’s right hand is grabbed and performer strikes left hand Tissue to the attacker’s face or body. The same sequence is then performed to the right side. The attacker is about to punch Junkie Chuddar, whilst the performer steps up halfway and kicks Hokier Chuddar, stepping down with feet together and out into Hanoi Neck Sash Detach, blocking Shout Like. Shout Eke is repeated twice more, then Nuking Chuddar. Kaki to show a segment of the Kate has been completed and/or to show spirit. The performer turns backwards to left and executes two Shout Eke blocks.

The same action is completed to the right. Moving forward into Sukiyaki stance, blocking Sotto Eke Sodas, kicks Manager, punch Sukiyaki. Then blocks left Sotto Eke Sodas, kicks Manager left leg and steps down and munches Sukiyaki. Next, steps forward into Junkie stance block Sotto Eke Sodas and Kaki. Turns left, blocks Sedan Briar left, also stepping through into right Sodas Eke to the same side. The same action is repeated to the right hand side, finishing with a left Sodas Eke. Drawing back left foot into You (Music Detach). “Pain Shoddy is Kate number one but nearly always practiced second.

All the first five Pain Keats are said to have been put together by the famous Karate expert Hazelnuts Titus. They give students a good lead in to the more difficult Keats. ” Wad-Rye Karate: The complete art uncovered Fran k Johnson Pain Indian- Blocking an incoming knife attack, the performer brings both their hands up in Juju Eke Sodas. As the right hand comes down to their hip the knife is knocked out of the attackers hand. As that happens, the performer’s left hand blocks Sedan Briar to avoid being hit with Naked Opponent Sedan.

Stepping through, Junkie Chuddar to hit the attacker. Turning to their right, the attacker blocks Sedan Briar to stop a Sukiyaki Chuddar, the attacker then grabs the right hand of the performer, they then release the attacker’s hold by twisting the hand and step through Sukiyaki. Turning to the left, blocking again Sedan Briar. Step through Sodas Eke 4 times, on the fourth, Kaki to show spirit. Turns backwards into Junkie Detach blocking Sedan Briar, steps and punches Junkie. Quarter turn right and executes Sedan Briar once again, then again stepping through punching Junkie.

Then turn to face forward blocking Sedan Briar following with step Junkie punch 3 times with a Kaki on the final Junkie punch. Brings the left foot to the right keeping at the same height also turning to face the original front and step through into left Shako Detach whilst striking Nuking with the left hand. Moving forward into right Shako Detach and again striking Nuking with, this time, the right hand. Keeping the body same height turns and performs the same sequence to the right, finishing with left hand Nuking in left Shako Detach.

Turns to face original front into You stance (Music Detach). “Pain Indian, Kate number 2. When doing the first five Pain Keats a good tip for and 5 is you should finish where your Start point was. If you do, your stances will be the right length. ” Wad-Rye Karate: The complete art uncovered Pain Sand- Performer turns from You, into Showmen Neck Sash Detach blocking Sotto Eke tit the left hand, right hand on the hip. Stepping up into a natural stance, then blocking right hand Sotto Eke and left hand Sedan Briar, the performer’s hands then switch to opposite positions.

The same is then repeated to the right hand side. The Attacker punches Kamikaze Sodas, which is blocked by a Sotto Eke in Showmen Neck Sash Detach. The Performer steps through Junkie then spins turning their back to the Attacker leaving their right hand out to block the oncoming attack. Following the momentum of the spin, the Performer strikes Tissue to the ribs or solar plexus to knock the wind from them. Advance and strike Junkie Chuddar with a Kaki. Turns behind into Music Detach then steps forward and blocks with the right elbow followed by side hammer fist to the body (Tissue).

Drawing arm back to body, advancing forward into left and repeating in that stance and again in right. On the final Tissue, the strike is left out as the Performer moves into left punching left Junkie with a Kaki. Then bringing right foot up and turns a half turn, hitting backwards elbow (Meme) also punching over the left shoulder. Steps to the right, right elbow (Meme) and punch over right shoulder. Sliding right foot back onto You (Music Detach). “Pain Sand, Kate number 3 gives students a good grounding in Shako Detach as well as good practice for using your hands in double blocks using each hand differently. Wad-Rye Karate: The complete art uncovered Pain Woody; From You, the performer turns left into Ma Hanoi Neck Sash Detach blocking Shout Eke with the left hand and a supporting block with the right hand covering the face. The same is repeated to the right hand side. Attacker kicks Manager Chuddar, Performer steps feet together and out into Junkie Detach blocking Nagasaki Eke. Stepping through into, then blocking Sotto Eke to fleet a Sukiyaki. The Performer slides their left leg up into Hussies Detach then kicks Manager Chuddar, once landed strikes Meme.

The same sequence is then repeated to the right. Turning forward into Sukiyaki No Tsunami Detach and grabbing the Attacker’s arm, then kicking Manager Chuddar. The Attacker is at that point hit by Taoist Leaked with a Kaki. Then, turns behind to the left and blocks Sotto Eke Sodas from left Cat Stance (Neck Sash Detach). Kicks Manager with the right leg, drops and punches Junkie following with left Sukiyaki. A quarter turn to the right into right Cat Stance (Neck Sash Detach). The same sequence is then performed facing in that direction.

Then turning to face a forward direction, blocking with 3 Sotto Eke head blocks, first on the left leg in Neck Sash Detach, stepping through each block. Shortens stance to Front Cat Stance (Showmen Neck Sash Detach), whilst also blocking left and right Sotto Like. Pulling the Attacker down as the Performer strikes with the right knee (Whiz Geri) and Kaki. Turning to face the original front into Cat Stance (Neck Sash Detach); grabbing the Attackers punch with the left hand (Kaka Eke). The right arm covers the groin with Palm Heel (Thesis). Quarter urn to the right and repeats the same action, placing the heel down first.

Right foot back to Yam Position. “Pain Woody, Kate number 4. This Kate uses for the first time in a Kate, a sweeping block called Hair Like. This move is used three times in Shanks Kate. It is said that Hazelnuts Titus made Pain Woody mainly from Shanks. ” Wad-Rye Karate: The complete art uncovered Pain Goddamn- The Performer turns into Showmen Neck Sash Detach and blocking Sotto Eke to avoid getting struck by Junkie. Which is then countered with a Sukiyaki, after that turning to face forward into Hussies Detach. The sequence is then reformed to the right hand side.

Advancing forward into Ma Hanoi Neck Sash Detach and blocking Sotto Eke to deflect an oncoming Eureka, following after is a Juju Eke to avert a Manager to the groin. The Attacker punches Junkie No Tsunami which is blocked by a Juju Eke (this time upper rising). Both hands are brought down to the hip. The Performer strikes Tissue to the side and steps through Junkie Chuddar with a Kaki. As turning behind, Performer blocks Chi Eke with the right arm, whilst also blocking with the knee. Lands in right stance blocking Sedan Briar. Step up looking to the original front and blocks with the left arm.

Steps forward and hits with elbow (Meme), followed by bringing the left foot up and blocking Sotto eke. Looks behind and punches Junkie No Tsunami to the direction previously facing also leaning in that direction. Jumps into the air bringing entire lower body upwards, when landing block Juju Eke (Cross Block). Looks to the right whilst simultaneously blocking Sotto Eke with the left hand reinforcing the block. Turning to face the original front into Cookouts Detach. ; brings the left foot back and the same sequence is repeated to the right. Left foot brought into You position. “Pain Goddamn, Kate number 5.

For the first time, a jump is used within the Kate. You need strong legs to get the best out of Pain Goddamn, you change direction using quick, light movements, which come into play more in the Kate Chintz. The hand movement in the Kate is a little more difficult. Therefore you should study the Kate carefully. ” Wad-Rye Karate: The complete art uncovered “The feeling you are trying to get when performing Kate, is for want of a better word ‘total’ combat, you must visualize your opponents in your mind’s eye at all times. Don’t rush your Kate, doing a Kate with power and speed is not the same as rushing the Kate.

Try break down the Kate into sections as you learn them. There is no point in trying to learn a whole Kate in one lesson, as you will almost always forget parts of it. One of the great things about Kate is as you grow older you can perform the Kate to your fitness level and age. Any Karate-aka that expects a 60 year old to perform a Kate like a 25 year old is unrealistic. If the 60 year old has been practicing most of their lives then the likelihood is you would rather watch them perform a faultless Kate, than the 25 year old in the flush of youth.

Kate is very good for fitness and keeps your interest as there is always omitting to learn, however you will never learn everything about a Kate. ” Wad-Rye Karate: The complete art uncovered Non-Pain Keats are: (not including Dan Grade Keats) UK Shanks – To view the sky Ana Hannah – Sideways Fighting Sheehan – Half Moon Chintz – Crane on a rock Basic- To penetrate a fortress UK Shanks- UK Shanks is the first Kate learnt after the Pain stages, it includes different segments of all Pain Keats and other moves from earlier belts.

It is often viewed as halfway to Dan Grade, this is most likely why it rounds off all the beginner/intermediate moves and sections from Keats into one. From Shanks You, the arms are brought up to just above eye level, thumbs then tucked in, arms are brought back down to original position with, this time, bottom 2 fingers touching. Step and look to the left whilst blocking Shout I-Eke in Ma Hanoi Neck Sash Detach, repeat the same action to the right hand side. Right foot is moved inwards into Hack J Detach performing Cookouts Detach.

Left hand blocks Sedan Briar followed by right hand Cookhouse Chuddar. Step off to the side into Junkie No Tsunami Detach blocking Sotto Eke with the right hand, following with stepping up to Hack J Detach and punching Cookhouse, then leaning into Junkie No Tsunami Detach to the right and again blocking Sotto Eke, this time with the left hand. Bring the left foot up to the right, turn and kick backwards. Turning to face the front, in left Ma Hanoi Neck Sash Detach, block left Shout eke, then right, then left a final time before striking Nuking Chuddar with a Kaki.

Half turn into Sukiyaki No Tsunami Detach, left hand covering the head with the right hand grabbing the opponent’s attack. Kick Meager with the right leg as landing, turn to face the opposite direction, blocking Sedan Briar, right hand veering the head with Sodas Eke Block. Land into Cookouts Detach. Bring both arms into cross block position (Juju Eke), then standing into Hack J Detach also blocking (or punching Tissue) with back hand. Same sequence is performed facing the opposite direction to before.

Pull the left foot back to right, then kicking Meager Chuddar whilst also blocking Sedan Briar; on landing, strike Meme. Bring feet together and repeat sequence to the right. Half turn into Cat Stance (Ma Hanoi Neck Sash Detach) blocking Shout Eke, then step forward into right blocking right Shout Eke. At that point, turn to face directly right and block Shout Like with the right arm, Step forward into left and yet again block Shout Eke. Next, face forward into Sukiyaki No Tsunami Detach, again covering the head with the left hand, whilst also grabbing the opponent’s attack.

Kick Meager and land into Guy Neck Sash Detach with a Kaki on the attack (Taoist Eureka). Slide backwards blocking Sotto Eke followed by Cookhouse from the left hand, then again on the right. Turn behind, into Sukiyaki No Tsunami Detach, with what looks like a cross block on the chest (Juju Eke), which would e ineffective therefore renders it not a block, The left hand is a fist, whereas the right hand is open. Bringing the knee up, with the fist and hand also meeting above the knee; then drop down and rest hands on the floor to keep well balanced.

After, stand up and turn behind into left Cat Stance (Ma Hanoi Neck Sash Detach). Then step through into right Cat Stance, following with a 3 Quarter turn into front Cat Stance (Ma Showmen Neck Sash Detach) blocking Sotto Eke with the left hand, then Cookhouse with the right. Half turn then again block Sotto Clue, this time with the right arm and punch Cookhouse wick, instead of once, as was before. Half step upwards and kick Manager Chuddar whilst blocking Sotto Eke (Mid-Kick). Land into front Cat Stance (Ma Hanoi Neck Sash Detach blocking Shout eke, facing the original front.

Then change into Junkie Detach whilst bringing the left hand down below a Nuking near the hip/waist. Keeping the left hand where it is, the right arm extends and strikes with the Nuking. Then, bring head down to the hand and spin around into left straddle stance (Shako Detach), striking Tissue or blocking Sedan Briar. Slide forward still keeping in Shako Detach, and perform Darken Sodas, then change into Sukiyaki Detach and strike with the elbow (Meme). As the right leg is brought towards the left to be in Hussies Detach, block Sotto Eke Sodas with the left arm and Sedan Briar With the left.

Turn behind and Scoop block the attack (Suzuki Eke) with the left hand, then with the right; right hand below left. Then bring hands up and palms open blocking Juju Eke. Bringing hands back to waist turn three quarters to the right into right. The block should still be Juju Eke, except around the waist. Kick Tiber Sodas and land in Junkie Detach, then punch Eureka with a Kaki. Again, turn behind into Shako Detach and block Sedan Briar with the right, bring the hand up slightly then down, the other hand should meet to form cross block. Slide both feet in, into Hussies Detach and block double Sotto Eke Sodas.

Slide both feet inwards into You to finish “Shanks Kate is said to be based on the teachings of a Chinese official named Shogun who is said to have come to Okinawa. No one seems to know whether 1760 is the date he was born or the date he came to Okinawa. Don’t attempt to learn this Kate without good grounding in the 5 Pain Ana Hannah- Ana Hannah is the second of the Non-Pain Keats. The meaning of Ana Hannah “Sideways Fighting”) states the obvious, as the only directions you move are left and right. It would appear to break the rule of “Karate In Sentiments” meaning “Karate-aka should never attack first”.

However, after the circular movement with the hands, there is a block with the upper arm which could possibly block a Kamikaze, striking to the neck. “Ana Hannah Kate; was, it was said, Master Outshoot’s favored Kate. It is certainly a difficult one and demands intensive training. The main points of the Kate should be moving into Ana Hannah stance, after punching and blocking, pulling back into the same arm level (approximately level with mid- turner) and relaxing during the Kate; especially the shoulders, that need to be kept in a normal state.

This Kate is great for strengthening your legs and calf muscles, it is said Outshoot’s main influence for this Kate was the Karate Master Momentum. Wad-Rye Karate: The complete art uncovered Sheehan- Sheehan presumably gets the name half-moon from when changing from Haddam Sukiyaki No Tsunami to Magi Sukiyaki No Tsunami. The movement is in a crescent shape, giving the form of a ‘half moon”. “Sheehan Kate – The first half is performed with tension. By using tension in this way, we learn how to control our bodies. Control over your body is control over your art.