Wailta a stance against the ruthless norms which

Wailta Bibi a lower class woman leading her life away from the shackles of conservative norms of her society and holds strong political opinion.  A strong woman into a living relationship with her sister’s husband and one adopted child represents the free spirited mind of an Independent Pakistani woman. She refused to hide herself in conventional “Burkha” and took stand against the whole town.Over the years, women in Pakistan have taken a stance against the ruthless norms which had hunted them down for being weak and not so sexy. Yes, time and again, wives are bound to absorbed derogatory taunts on their figures which become flabbier after the child birth.Masi Walita the 61 years old blatantly assaulted the ideologies and began living on her own terms. Born in the village Thal in District Mianwali of north-west Punjab province, Pakistan, she was different than other women in her circle. Heroism engulfed and fearless to voice her opinions, from the very beginning she had her share of physical assaults by the men in her family due to her dominating personality.In a society where love stories exists only on the pages of novel or in the digital world, Masi Walita fell for her Bro-in-law and went ahead to propose him. Her expression of love was regarded nonsensical twist into her family; she was the first woman and remains to be even today to follow what she believed in. That was not a teenage love, neither was she delusional…but it was a strong side of a woman in her that was bringing a change into the society. A free spirited soul who wasn’t ready to bend down before the male dominant world like others and guess what, she took up the challenge.Masi Walita ran away along with her love— Ghulam Muhammad who never divorced his wife but began leading a living relationship with Walita in the city of Mianwali, 40 km away from their village. Masi walita was approached by her family later who had chopped off her nose leaving a stigma on her face as a reminder to what she did was wrong.Days, months and years continued to roll by, even after 30 years Masi walita and Ghulam Muhammad are madly in love and standing by each other through thick and thin. They never, even for once regretted their decision says Masi Walita”I always support people around me, I work day and night to earn and feed those left behind and it is the love that gives me passion to be good which I was never before”Commenting on their relationship says Ghulam Muhammad”Walita is a strong woman, I love strong woman, she always helps others and she’s my soul mate”. Speaking about his decision to quit a family he says”I miss them but don’t regret my decision to be with Walita”.In the city of Mianwali where its mandatory for every women to wear Burkha, Masi Walita 5’8  wears a long skirt barring her legs few inches above her feet and a high neck “kameez” (shirt) with long chaddar (cloth covering head).Walita is loud and assertive who also prays and claims to be a pious Muslim. She washes the dishes in many homes, cooks food and also keeps buffaloes at her own house whose milk she sells to earn livelihood. Brutally honest in her conduct and can beat down men when chased. When provoked she says”I think you want a match with me”Masi Walita is a strong woman who is fulfilling her duties in an inspirational way. Today’s women are delusional at some extend as they have set unrealistic beauty standards in their mind. Being a woman is beautiful itself— develop the abilities to snub ridiculousness. Education does give us the power to voice our existence but it’s our self-acceptance that shapes up our lives. When an ignorant woman can live her way than why can’t the educated and sober women of Pakistan?There are probably hundreds and thousands of Masi Walita in Pakistan today who are not ready to become the victim of physical and mental assaults. They are free to choose for them in career and sexual orientation. Yes, they do need a man even though they are strong and independent. This attribute doesn’t take away the feminism and fascination of them. Becoming a strong independent woman doesn’t make her a man; she remains the impulsive, emotional soul who just wants to be comfortable in her own skin.Masi wailta under-went breast surgery after discovering cancer in the initial stage, nevertheless it didn’t affect her decisions to transform a woman’s image and set a precedent. She was and continues to be an independent woman who returns back to her home from the everyday routine task. The sight of Ghulam Muhammad waiting for her on the nook of her home street brings a smile on her face. Not a single day passes by when the love birds don’t take meal together.The society has accepted their living relationship and no cleric passed Fatwas against them. Waliata represents an independent woman who fought against the odd norms and the battle continues, Masi walita continues to be iconic in her own world.