Ward Churchill Response Paper

In his article he states that there was 500,000 Iraqi children whom the United States army supposedly murdered intentionally which he has no proof of, so it completely contradicts his point of us murdering innocent people. The article states that t e American public basically ignored all the suffering that was going on in Iraq, as “… Brownstone d verifier olds sat shivering in the dark, wide eyed in horror, whimpering as they expired in t he most agonizing ways imaginable” and no one seemed to care or tried to help in his eyes.

As a matter of fact we never were in The way he goes about saying that the US army knew what they were doing a s they attacked Iraq or other countries is some what conveying , he says “it is done w tit full knowledge that there is going to be civilians. ” He makes very valid points but they are no true, as for the terrorist who were involved, they were not from Iraq, in all actuality there was 19 hijackers and 15 out of them were from Saudi Arabia and the others were from Egypt and L ebony. The men who flew the missions against the WET and Pentagon were not cowards,” stats sees Churchill, he goes onto to saying that they were only reacting to their attacks the US made through an “undefended airspace in Baghdad” who bombed innocent civilians, and while such disgrace was occurring all the “men and women” Of the US did absolutely nothing about the e case and basically al thought there was nothing to be done about such case since it was not thee r problem.

He continues by saying that the 9/11 terrorist were actually courage’s young men who “were not fanatics or devoted to Islamic fundamentalism” but they are perfect lay reasonable actions in his eyes, he says “a normal emotional response among persons con fronted by the mass murder of their children… ” Yet I am sure no one believes innocent people des river to be murdered in such horrific way.

Churchill is spreading hate against the United States by twisting facts and pointing the finger at the US for making it possible for innocent Poe lee to die. He compares the victims killed in the VET and Pentagon to one of the most crucial al blood thirsty man ever known as Doll Coachman who murdered thousands of Jewish Nazi’ s and was happy to say he if it has to be I would gladly jump into my grave in the knowledge 5 million enemies of the rise have already died like animals. He goes about this by says Eng that ‘You do not have to be the one who turns on the gas in order for it to be lit as long as you’re making sure it is there,” which means you don’t have to kill in order to be a killer if you have e an army to do he dirty work for you, you are just about guilty as them, which is understand able but definitely not fair to what the outcome was. Pose to the statement he makes when saying the United States got what It deserved because no innocent person deserves to die and whether other people like the e government, did any harm to the terrorist’s family, it is really between them and I don’t believe anyone else id to blame but whoever it was who pulled the trigger first because in all honesty I do not know if I believe that our government has done absolute no harm to any other country y because we are not there fighting in the home front.

We only see what the media wants us to see and it might not always be the truth but I definitely don’t think 9/11 is a justification for any disc agreement. In his article he mentions the FBI as “framing anarchists, communists and Black Pan there and sometimes murdering them in their beds… ” Yet he has no proof of such a thin g being done.

In a way Churchill gives the impression that he does not hate America for it s his home, but he hates what it has done to other innocent people and thinks that we De serve to be attacked in such we we have done to others. Opposing to this statement by him is the f CT that there is no hard evidence that we attacked Iraq or Afghanistan first or that we kill innocence NT people intentionally as we did them, directly going towards those innocent victims.