Wastewater Plant Safety

What is a Pathogenic organism ?
A disease causing organism.
Chlorine comes in three forms, these are :
a)      Gas = 100 percent chlorine , a greenish yellow gas, highly toxic, it comes in 100 or 150 pound cylinders, one ton cylinders, and Rail Tankers to 90 tons.b)      Calcium Hypochlorite = Granular and tablet form 65 to 75 percent chlorine. c)      Sodium Hypochlorite = Bleach, industrial strength varies by manufacturer, usually 10-12 percent chlorine.

How many parts per million of chlorine gas are detectable in the air?
    It is detectable at .08 ppm in the air.

Chlorine gas in dangerous for long term exposure at what part per million in air?
     It is dangerous for long term exposure a 5 ppm in air.
Chlorine gas is lethal at what part per million in the air?
    It is lethal at 1000 ppm in air.
When changing a chlorine gas cylinder always use ______ and never ______.
      When changing a gas cylinder for chlorine it is important to use proper safety equipment and to never work alone.

When you change a chlorine gas cylinder never reuse the _________.
When you change a chlorine gas cylinder never reuse the lead gasket. Always use a new gasket each time the valve yoke is loosened.
List the three classifications of chlorine repair kits and the type cylinder they are used for.

1)      Repair kits are available for chlorine cylinders:a)      “A” kit for 100 and 150 pound cylindersb)      “B” kit for one ton cylindersc)      “C” kit is for rail cars.
True or False, Chlorine cylinders contain only gas.
False, chlorine cylinders contain liquid chlorine as well as gas.

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There are two valves on a one ton cylinder, they sholud be aligned ________ to the ground.
There are two valves on a one ton cylinder, they sholud be aligned perpendicular  to the ground. ^      top valvev bottom vlave-          ground
The top valve on a ton cylinder dispenses ____ while the valve on the bottom dipenses _____.
The top valve on a ton cylinder dispenses GAS while the valve on the bottom dipenses LIQUID.

Chlorine is a ________colored gas.
Chlorine is a  greenish yellow colored gas.
Chlorine is ____ times _____ than air.
Chlorine is 2.

5 times heavier than air.

Chlorine liquid will expand into a gas at a rate of :
Chlorine liduid will expand at a rate of 460 to 1. This means that 1 cc of liquid will expand to 460 cc of gas.
Chlorine cylindersa are equipt with fusible plugs to keep the cylinder from rupturing if exposed to  high heat.

At what temperature will the plugs melt?

          All cylinders are equipped with fusible plugs that will melt at 158oF to 165oF  to prevent the tank from rupturing.
What chemical vapor is used to check for chlorine leaks?
      To check for chlorine leaks ammonia is used, a small amount of ammonia vapor is squeezed near the valve and fittings, if a white cloud appears then there is a chlorine leak.

MSDS- MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETThese sheets are part of your “Right to Know” and should be kept on file with access for all workers.These sheet define the chemicals used in the plant and the dangers and safe handling associated with them.
Lock Out / Tag Out refers to a system used  to make sure that a piece of machinery or a motor or a chemical, water, or steam line, is isolated and denergized for repair, maintenace, or inspection.The system has very specific protocols involving who can lock out  a piece of equipment and what needs to be done before the lock and or tag can be removed.

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment-This is the safety equipment provided to and or assigned to an individual. This includes but is not limited to gloves, safety glasses, rain suits, boots, and hard hats.Remember that this equipment is your responsibility and you must ensure that it is kept in working order and that it is replaced when not in working order.