Water Pollution and Human Health

The current nature of the global structures has been vulnerable to various issues that are of concern related directly or indirectly to human health. These issues arise either naturally or embodied within the general activities of man as he explores the resources within the natural setting. Diversity in the effects of such issues have also been widely varying leading to different effects both to the local, national and the global community. By and large, the aspect of water pollution has become of implicit in affecting human health. Clean water is ideally essential in all aspects of human use.

However, the currently growing concern in water pollution has left the human population at a comparative disadvantage in terms of health related matters. Various diseases and ailments have had their root causes as the polluted water creating human adversity of partaking life related to various healthy issues (Jack, 2005). Water pollution is predominantly an important issue that has a widely varying health effects and is most vulnerable in the least developed countries especially the Sub-Saharan African, Latin America and the low developed states of Asia.

The resources ploughed in control of diseases and ailments associated with water pollution have continuously been on the increase. The human population is salvaging at a comparative disadvantage in terms of water pollution related aspects. As of necessity, a wide scope outlay of factors have been of influence in leading to water pollution that includes both massive industrial wastes, poor farming methods, household factors and other processes of man in his exploitation of the scarce resources.

According to a recent research, the dominance of mortality caused by water pollution related diseases and ailments have been on the increase in the developing nations. The developed nations are however not solely at an advantage but have been subjected into various scores of water pollution related health matters (Jack, 2005). Reference Jack Steve (2005) Water Pollution and Human Health. Journal of Ecology, Vol. 43