Water Quality Tests

Dissolved Oxygen
Amount of oxygen found in the water.
D.O. Factors
1. Temperature
2. Disturbance of water
3. Death
4. Plant Life
Fecal Coliform
Indicators of feces in the water. Indicates the probability of pathogens being found in the water.
F.C. Factors
1. Sewer Dumping
2. Manure
3. Geese/Animal life
4. Rain/Runoff
The alkalinity/acidity of water.
1-6: acid
8-14: alkaline
7: Neutral (best)
pH Factors
1. Minerals in the Water
2. Acid Rain
3. Dumping of detergents/chemicals
Biochemical Oxygen Demand
Demand microorganisms place on the oxygen supply of water.
B.O.D. Factors
1. Algae Blooms
2. Runoff/Dumping of feces
Temperature Change
…kind of self explaining, don’t you think?
Temperature Change Factors
1. Slower Areas (slower=warmer)
2. Direct Sun
3. Thermal Pollution
4. Deeper Depth (cooler)
Tests for fertilizer-> fertilizer=nutrient.
N/P Factors
Fertilizer Application
Keeps light from penetrating into the water and interferes
with plant photosynthetic oxygen production and primary productivity. Darkened
water holds more heat, increasing the water temperature, which in turn lowers the DO.
Turbidity Factors
1. Sediments
2. Fish life
3. Waste
4. Algae growth
5. Urban runoff