WE 1.1 Definitions

Wastewarer fom toilets and urinals.  Wastewater from kitchen sinks (perhaps differentiated by the use of a garbage disposal), showers, or bathtubs may be considered blackwater by state or local codes.  Project teams should ocomply with blackwater definition as established by the authority having jurisdiction in their areas.
is defined by the UPC in its Appendix G, titled "Gray Water Systems for Single-Family Dwellings" as untreated household waste water which has not come into contact with toilet waste.  Grey water includes used water from bathtubs, showers, bathroom wash basins, and water from clothes-washer and laundry tubs.  It shall not include waste water from kitchen sinks or dishwashers.
Fixture sensors
are ultra-sonic or infrared sensors applied to lavatories, sinks, water closets and urinals to sense fixture use and automatically flush o turn on and off. 
Potable Water
is water that is suitable for drinking and is supplied from wells or municipal water systems.
Process Water
is water used for industrial processes and building systems such as colling towers, boilers and chillers.
Composting toilet
is a dry plumbing fixture that contains and treats human waste via microbiological processes.
Non-water using urinal
is a dry plumbing fixture that uses advanced hydraulic design and a bouyant fluid instead of water to maintain sanitary conditions.