We are very unfair to school

“Some of the most brilliant and creative people I know did not do well in school. Many of them found they could not get to do-and who were in reality until leaving school and passed the education they had received “Ken Robinson. Element.

It is true that, as stated Ken Robinson, many people have not been boosted their talents at school. But it is no less true that it does many others have done it. We all know great, creative and enthusiastic people who enjoyed success in school and in this institution found the motivation to fully develop their talents.

Also, we all know people whom the school has allowed to develop their capabilities despite their lack of financial resources and lack of opportunities that entails, thus fulfilling their role as social elevator (that function both seem to bother some politicians).

We are very unfair to school! He is accused of not giving an adequate response to the needs of people, particularly reply, and society in general. But how would our world without schools? Moreover, what would become of me without school? I prefer not to dwell on the latter …

We have an obligation to recognize the role of schools in our society, beyond the easy criticism and striking phrases, type School kills creativity and the like. Recognizing their value and importance is when we are fully guaranteed to demand improvement .

If a teacher studied teaching because it was an “easy” or because he could not pursue the studies he really wanted and chose this profession to live comfortable, to have a stable job that did not give him many headaches … how wrong career !, because it was devoted to education means just the opposite.

The natural state of the school and the school community should be the continual search for new ways of teaching: learning from experience, new knowledge, the proprietary technology of each era, etc. The school must escape from the rigidity and immobility.

The school and the current educational systems are aging badly. They refuse to give way to new generations, new methodologies, new times. Educational systems respond to a school of numbers and letters, to a school of memorization and recitation, which in the present times, meaningless.

For the school to be inclusive and not exclusive needs the ability to adapt quickly to new needs and definitively lose the fear of change. You need teach useful things for life.

Because we believe in school and because … we need never become longer. And that is our job.