Week 9

that conditions that change physically over hours or days that occur in the air

Ex:temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed and cloud cover

the weather that has little or no change over a long period of time; of a certain part of the world
The imaginary lines on the globe that are horizontal that tell where someone is at by the distance from 0 degrees; or the equator
the height that you or something is currently above what is called the sea level
Green House Gases
gases that are man made or natural gases that are in the atmosphere; then the sun enters the troposphere and through the atmosphere and reflects off the earth but can’t enter back through the troposhere so it builds in the atmosphere
Greenhouse Effect
Heavy rains during certain seasons or times during the year; only in places north or south of large ; warm bodies of waters
specific regions of the world that share the same physical features of weather, climate, vegetation and livings things