Week One Paper

There are several categories and characteristics of United States law but perhaps the most vital characteristic is hat law creates responsibilities, obligations, and civil rights that echo acknowledged strives of American social order. US law is set up for regulating disputes concerning the civil rights and responsibilities of the American people in a judicial court of law. This is a vital part of our system because this aspect of law enforces our rights and provides justice for victims and prosecution for criminals in most cases.

Basically, law breaks down to what rules are applied to what subject matter and what rights and privileges a person, persons or company can attest to. Working as a manager for Sale’s Jeweler’s for four years I must comprehend how law and business go together to keep the social order and routine of a company regulated. For instance, morals and ethics are two key points that must be understood and practiced by all employees and owners of a company. Ethics and morals are pretty similar in meaning ethics being a social set of standards and moral being more of a personal set of standards practiced outside of the work place.

Business owners must create a set of ethics for every employee to follow regarding personal appearance, attitude and what the company believes is the purpose of existing in the first place. In the workplace, practicing proper ethical standards means not talking about religion, sexuality or other personal matters that are not appropriate in the workplace. Additionally proper ethics are treating customers with the most respect and working for them to better the company. In the past let go of a few employees who viewed customer service as a hassle rather than an errors obligation to keep our doors open.

Comparing store numbers from previous days of the week and differences in the general look of the store after these employees are on the clock is one of the ways I monitor my employees. Also customers let me know how well they are performing especially old customers who have stuck with me for a long time. I not only train each employee about ethical standards I teach them the importance of ethics and how it applies to our business so he or she understands the connection.

Once employees realize that violating ethical laws pertains to the progress of our business, more effort is put into maintaining these standards on a daily basis. Society laws and work laws are obviously different because of the complexity of both and the given situation. I generally think of society as a whole when connecting laws to our current social order in the US. For instance in the constitution it states that everyone has the right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, freedom of religion and other saws that impress the importance of being open minded and seeking individuality to prosper.

In conclusion, as the years go on learn more and more about how US law works in both the workplace and society. One thing is for certain and that is law is ever changing and progressive and in business society you must keep a similar mindset to succeed.