Welfare Public Policy Final Paper

Even though the people end up suffering in some states due to the welfare benefits not being enough, welfare has been reformed and is now controlled by individual states rather than the federal government. This makes it easier for the welfare benefits to be monitored since it’s state by state instead of at a federal level, or so the government thinks or says. Many people that are in need of benefits don’t get them and people that don’t need them abuse the system to get what they want instead of what they need.

Some states like Florida are helpful when it comes to giving aid to families with small children if they need money for food or if they need healthcare. The welfare policy is in place for people that are below poverty line and that are either ill or disabled and unable to work. The whole point to the welfare system is to support people that need help while working to make ends meet and to help those that are ill or disabled that cannot work to provide for themselves. Welfare for the disabled and poor has been an issue in the united States for many years yet benefits to those in need were not given until the sass’s.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt took notice while in office and in 1935 the first national welfare system was established to help aid those that needed help. The elderly, disabled, and the poor were given some benefits to help them but the resources were more limited at that time and the cost of living was also lower. The benefits included food to eat, clothing to keep warm, as well as shelter to those that needed it. There was also some cash benefits given but those depended on their property taxes.

As the years went by more welfare reforms began taking place and in 1 965 people were able to get help tit healthcare with Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the poor. In the sass’s president Bill Clinton tried to reform healthcare but his bill did not pass. In 201 0 President Barack Obama passed Obama care so that everyone can have healthcare in the United States. (Toulouse, S. Z. 2002). Today people get what they need for example, in the state of Florida low income families are given food stamps, Medicaid, and sometimes emergency cash.

Usually benefits are more for families with small children and of course the larger the family the more benefits they receive. Welfare benefits and policies are controlled by individual states right now instead of at a federal level. This gives the states the power to make changes to benefits that people receive and it makes them able to regulate the welfare policy to help their communities individually in their particular state. This can be a good thing as well as a bad thing for welfare benefit seekers since each state has different rules and different amounts they give to people that are in need.

It may be easier for states to monitor their people since it’s on a smaller scale then if the federal government was monitoring benefits, but people still sake advantage of the system and slip through the cracks here and there. Those people that are willing to scam the government will receive benefits in several states at one time which will go unnoticed for a time since federally this is not being monitored. This then costs tax payers money since some people are double Or even triple dipping into government funds for welfare.

If welfare benefits were controlled federally then those scampers that apply in several states will not be able to steal in this manner any longer since all benefits will be given by one source instead of several sources. Each state has TTS own way of disbursing benefits and each state decides who qualifies for welfare and who doesn’t. There are laws in place that make sure people who can work have to in order to continue receiving welfare benefits like food stamps or Medicaid.

If the working parent is a single parent they must work 30 hours a week to keep their welfare benefits for themselves and their children and make less than $30,000 a year. This law encourages people to work for themselves while getting welfare benefits, so people don’t rely solely on the system to pay their bills. A single parent who works is more likely to et help across the board from welfare then those parents that do not work. That single working parent would get access to food stamps, Medicaid, housing assistance, and child care assistance because they are working and that is the goal of the welfare system.

Temporary assistance is also available which usually involves a cash amount for needy and/or homeless families with children. This is supposed to be on emergency basis only but its still taken advantage of by people who have children just to keep their welfare benefits. It has become harder for the scampers to get benefits in more cent years but more reform should be done to help control and monitor who is receiving what benefits and what their true need for those benefits are.

If a person is denied benefits they have a right to appeal that decision so they can try and fight to get those benefits if they feel they truly qualify and deserve them. Poverty and welfare issues affect everyone in the United States. Welfare is paid out to people through tax money that everyone pays for when they pay taxes. Every United States citizen that works pays taxes directly to the government when they get a paycheck their taxes have already been taken room their paycheck and some working class must pay taxes to the IRS at the end of the year.

All these taxes that are taken are then put back into several different government agencies and funds such as the Welfare and Healthcare system to help fund those in need. The more that people need to be on welfare the more taxes need to be paid out to those needy benefits recipients which then takes money away from other areas of government that need funding as well like education or social security. The more the government can help make more jobs available the less people need welfare which would eater the United States as a whole.

Welfare policies are different in each state but most people that need help can get it given they can prove they need help. Florida asks for documentation such as paycheck stubs and rental payment receipts for proof of needing government assistance. Once documentation has been received by the state agency that agency then gives the needy person food, shelter, clothing, daycare, or housing assistance and in some cases all is given to those that really need the help.

Each individual needs can be met this way and this makes sure everyone in the country is able to live and provide for heir families and children. Shelter is a necessity which is why housing assistance like HAD is available which helps the needy pay lower rent. The government agencies pay most of the rent and only ask the needy person to pay a portion of the rent. This gives families below the poverty line the chance to have a place of their own and keeps them from being homeless.

There is also the Medicaid system for the healthcare needs of low income families and their children which provides them with full medical coverage at no cost to them. The child care assistance program pays for most of the low income arena’s costs for daycare only leaving a small amount for the needy parent to pay. The food stamp system is for those who can not afford food and gives around $200 per person over the age of five per month. There is also the WICK program for children under the age of five to get healthy foods to eat for free.

This program gives the parents vouchers to take to grocery stores to get certain foods like fruits, vegetables, cereals, and dairy products like cheese and milk. Section 8 housing is for those that are usually disabled and on social security benefits and those that get Section 8 housing usually don’t pay much o live in given housing. Certain areas have designated Section 8 housing and other areas give vouchers to recipients. Unemployment benefits are for those who have lost a job and need help making ends meet until they can get a new job.

This benefit is usually only given for short periods of time, so people feel the need to go back to work instead of rely on unemployment to pay their bills. Welfare is supposed to be an aid to people when they need it not so people can live off welfare their entire lives. The governments goal is to get people to work hard and pay their own way rather than rely on welfare unifies to survive. All these welfare benefits are supposed to help those in need from being hungry, homeless, and otherwise destitute.

Some of these policies need to be re-evaluated but in the overall scheme of things welfare benefits really do help the united States Citizens. If the welfare system was run at Federal level again like it was in earlier years, there may be some chaos and more people could fall through the cracks. Each state has a different cost of living which is a great reason to keep welfare benefits at a state level. If the benefits were given at a national level then some recipients in some states ay not get enough help to pay their bills or make ends meet.

This would make more people homeless or unable to get access to enough food for the entire month. Housing assistance would be difficult to figure out as well since each state has different costs to their housing. The only way to get welfare benefits to work at a federal level is for each state leader to get together and decide on a happy median on what benefits should be for each individual in the entire United States. This would make it so everyone is given exactly what they need to survive and nothing more.

This would also make it impossible or Scampers to steal benefits anymore since they can only apply to one agency for welfare benefits which would be at a federal level instead of at an individual state level. Everyone is different and so their needs for welfare benefits is different, for example a single parent is going to be more in need of welfare benefits then when there is novo working parents in a home. A single mother with four children is going to need more help from welfare services then a single mother of one child.

If more benefits were given accordingly from one agency then less scams would happen and possibly ore government money could be saved for other programs that also need funding like social security and education. The United States is a great place to live since we live in a free country and we are able to vote who we want into office to speak for us in our government. This has made it possible for everyone in the United States to have a voice and speak up for what we believe in.

This has made it so we can have laws that protect and help the people of this country. One of these main policies and laws is the Welfare Policy that is in place to help those who are needy and to help those who are o sick or disabled to help themselves. We should all want to help our fellow man and welfare policies make it possible for everyone to get help when they need it here in the United States. Our country is the land of the free and helps its people through the welfare policies in place.

Without this help people could not live in some cases and they could not provide for their families when they need to. Welfare policy and benefits are very important to those who need it but welfare could also benefit from a makeover on some policies as well. This country is not perfect but welfare policy is on the right track with mom fixing here and there it would work out great for those who need it and for those who don’t yet contribute through paying taxes.