Wendy Leebov’s Healthcare Managers in Transition

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the baseline would actually revolve around the physiological health of a person. Health is one of the many primary needs we deal with everyday. It is therefore appropriate that we get high quality health service.

Bu then, we would ask, how do health care facilities manage the various works they encounter everyday? The ultimate answer to the posed question is the book entitled Health Care Managers in Transition: Shifting Roles and Changing Organizations which was authored by Wendy Leebov, a popular writer in health care management.

In her book, Wendy guides health care managers on how they can effectively communicate with both the customers and the health care staff under them. The book is distinctive in a sense that it has a personal approach with the reader.

Unlike other books written in unending paragraphs, Wendy tries to connect personally with the reader. She tries to pass on her experience in a very sensible manner with the use of step-by-step procedures and questionnaires for the emerging health care facility administrator.

In the ever-increasing modernization of the world, the book speaks of leadership as one of the many key values one has to have in health care service. Furthermore, a flourishing health care manager should always have an open mind for improvements in his staff.

Because of the many other health facilities that can cater health care, a health care administrator should always think of ways and solutions for improving the quality of service they offer to customers. By doing so, the manager shares his responsibilities with his staff and operates to a more customer-driven service.

With all the recommendations of the author to the promising health care manager, one would surely become a competitive participant of the world of health care service. And to those who have been in the field of health care, the book is another fresh new start to clear their mind and veer their approaches in management to new dimensions. For them, this will

be another new learning process that will supplement them to become great leaders in health care assistance.


Leebov, W. (1990). Health Care Managers in Transition: Shifting Roles and Changing Organizations. Chicago: Jossey Bass/Aha Press Series.