What College means to me

It’s like the door of opportunities and the ladder to success. Others say it’s a tremendous step to adulthood and to the real world. The list is endless and I could go on hours enumerating what college means to people. But what does college really mean to me alone? Twelve years ago, I envisioned school as a playground where I can run and and have fun with my classmates. When I started my elm. Education, it was not difficult for me. R have to Stay up all night and study hard boos know I would still get a good grade. Everything was pretty easy back then. But when I’ve reached HAS, I started to feel pressured and know the lessons are becoming harder and more complex. If I wanted a high grade, I would gather books and study all my notes overt. That’s when I realized everything was shifting from easy to difficult; everything was changing. And in my last yr in HAS, people started to talk bat college.

I often as myself “Watt do want 2 be in the future? “. I imagined myself as a tether, biologist, policewoman, and an engineer. Do want 2 go 2 college? Of course, I do! No matter how hard college is, as people wad say, I will face it willingly and w/ a strong heart boos I know it would make something good out of myself. I will do what I want and give my best shot. The bottom line? College is my dream that I hope I will pass through. And it’s my ticket to the long ride of achieving my goals in life.