We allow ourselves to become slaves to these ideals in our attempts to attain our definition of both. A person’s will is always changing making it difficult to find those things that can bring us acceptance and pleasure since our definition will also change along with our will. To me, this is a false fallacy since no one person will gain acceptance from everyone at once nor does pleasure last; so even if you find pleasure, it is always short lived. Rousseau made it clear that he believed in social freedoms and society working as a group collectively, to ensure the “greater-good” of all individuals.

According to Rousseau, physical power cannot produce a moral or social obligation making justification by force a waste of time. Force only produces positive results when the action is for the greater good of all. It is Rousseau belief that the legitimate origin off person’s obligation is to society. Natural liberties take the place of civil liberties and a “moral collective body”‘ is formed. If an individual acts on their will and it happens to be contrary to the will of the group; that individual is then “forced to be free. This action where force is used to achieve an outcome seems far from the free our founding ethers spoke of. Rousseau ideas on freedom seem to resemble the way our government and law makers view freedom. The word freedom is tossed around and most Americans actually still believe that they are in fact free. America was established so that its inhabitants could be a free people. Now 238 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, hardly see a nation that is free.

People have lost their right to choose if they want to pay for health or car insurance. We as “free” people can no longer smoke where we want, purchase certain medication without meeting requirements, wear retain colors in certain areas; even the choice to wear a seat belt or not has been regulated. Our right to bear arms has been targeted by the government for years as well. In recent events Martial Law has been established in several different regions of the United Stated effectively taking all rights from the United States citizens in those areas.

Martial Law is accompanied by curfews and the enforcement Of civil law. Civil rights, habeas corpus, and due process are all suspended placing military justice to civilians in their place. Under this law, the military commander is “legislature, judge, and executioner” as long as Martial Law is in effect. Think the recent decision made by president Obama to enforce Martial Law as a direct result of the Bola Quarantine, was a surprise to most Americans. Never did think I would see the America that I thought I knew crumble right before my very eyes.

With the decision to take the American rights away from the American people, all the wars and freedoms that so many people fought and died for seem irrelevant. “America the land of the free” has been stripped of those freedoms and rights that made up our unity and founded this country; all in he name of the “greater good. ” The situation we are facing now and Rousseau idea and philosophy are directly in line with one another. In my opinion we should all find this topic important since it’s not just an idea made by a man long ago but is in fact a large part of our reality today.

It has been said that history repeats itself, so let us look back to see the direction of our yesterday and get a hint of our tomorrow. CITATIONS Daytime, Lloyd. “Learning Law. ” Legal Dictionary. Daytime. Org, Web. 1 Novo. 2014. Hellman, Max O. Traversing philosophical Boundaries. 4th deed. Boston: Clark Baxter, 2012. 45-128. Print. Backplane what Mills meant by the racial contract. How and why according to Mills, did this contract originate? Do you agree with Mills that such a contract has existed in Western society? Why or why not support your position then discuss why you chose this topic.

The racial contract has morals and epistemological implications which establishes certain political implications and practices. It also provides justification for certain moral principles and knowledge claims about the world. Mills examines the theory that lies at the heart of western political hinging. Western Society has supported discrimination with in its boarders allotting the whites control. Mills chose to introduce the idea of this contract to provide a conceptual framework for discussing the inequalities that we find in the world around us.

Racial contract is the opposite of communitarian’s theory. While communitarian’s theory is associated with the idea of equality and justice for all, racial contract is the agreement that white people will treat other nonwhite people as subordinates. The political system formed from the practice of this contract is known as white supremacy. It is a proven fact that for a time in history white people looked down on other nonwhite people but feel like that has been over for a long time now.

You have those out there that still feel that white people are somehow better, but there are also Indians who feel they are better or black people or Asians who feel they are smarter and there for more superior. You will always have those people in a race that put their race on some sort of pedestal and look down on anyone different. In the society of today, I feel that has changed. White people are actually the minority now in America and yet the white people are still being blamed for every bad choice any other race makes.

What was the point of Martin Luther king JAR having a dream if those he was dreaming for were just going to take the easy way out with the blame game? It seems now that everyone pulls out the racial profiling card against whites and yet it’s not k to call that racial profit ling? Although such a society did exist in society it hasn’t been actively making decisions for some time. All our beliefs and rules, the Declaration of Independence for example, were written back in those days when this white prelacy society did exist so the probably are some effects still but not among the majority of civilization.