What is mindfulness?

During that one minute, had too many thinking in my mind, like ‘That apple seems quite red, don’t know whether it is juicy or not’, ‘ Why one minute is so long, how many seconds still left’, I thought during that one minute, there were only 5 seconds that I was really concentrated on the apple, but didn’t have other thinking. In our brain, there are many activities working, sensations, movements, solving problems, creating memories, and producing thoughts. Therefore, we will have such judgments in our mind. Mindfulness is to observe without judgments. People observe everything objectively.

They won’t surprise by anything they only view everything truly in a particular way, without any judgments, any decision. For example, when we e or face something we scare, we will try to escape from it. Why? This is because we are not focusing on the present moment; we are living in our memories. Use me as an example, was fell down from a bicycle when was going inside the tunnel on June, so now, every time I ride a bicycle, when I go into the tunnel, will be very scare, so I will get off the bicycle and just push it. This fear is already become a memories to me, and this grows more convincing now.

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Mindfulness reminds us what we should do in our present moment. When we re distracting, mindfulness reminds us to concentrate. This is how people benefit from it in their everyday life. Urbanites are too busy and stress nowadays, they cannot concentrate on one thing only, they will do two things at the same moment. Therefore, mindfulness can help them to control themselves, observe this world truly with heart. They can practice mindfulness exercise through awareness of the present moment such as listening, body scanning and observing thoughts. This can benefit people to know about themselves and the ‘real’ world.