What is power

Having control over others -Ability to make decisions – “Top of the food chain” -Ability to take charge -Affecting other people Definition: Ability to act or produce an effect Legal or official authority, capacity, or right Possession of control, authority, or influence over others Physical might Mental or moral efficacy Political control or influence Think of someone you believe is powerful. What makes him/her powerful?

My mom is rueful because she has the ability to make decisions about me. It is her duty to have power over me because she is my guardian. To what do Roman’s owe their early success? What was the essence of their power? The Etruscan built “thriving cities and established political and economic alliances between their settlements”. The Etruscan built a foundation for the Roman society, and started to form alliances with bordering countries.

In the beginning, the Romans offered citizenship and other benefits to those who they were conquering. This romanticizes the idea of them being conquered, and made it seem a lot less harsh and serious. They had a great geographical location, because it was very easy to trade with other countries. They also had a great ability to compromise and still get what they wanted. They conquered the most vulnerable and least powerful countries first. A very important part of their strategy was to work together and be united.

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