What is the American Dream

What is the American dream? The concept of the American dream is something that is explored and explained to us throughout our childhood all the way to adulthood. It is a concept taught to us in order to show us the value of hard work. It is a concept that is supposed to instill the ideal that in order to be successful, we have to make sacrifices and that achieving this dream is not an easy task. To be able to delve further into the depths of what the American dream is we have to answer three questions. First, we need to explore what we are told the American dream is.

What we are told creates he foundation of our understanding of this abstract concept known as the American dream. Second, we have to answer what the American dream is to us. I will attempt to do this in an open-minded, unbiased, way. Finally after looking at what we are told the American dream is and what we think it is we finally have to tackle the crux Of the issue and attempt to determine what needs to be done for the American dream to be realized. What I remember being told as grew up was that the American dream is an idea that if you work hard and try your best you will be able to accomplish whatever you set our mind to.

It is an idealistic view of society that includes yourself, your spouse, kids, a dog, and a house on the corner with a white picket fence. It is the idea that America is the land of opportunity and with enough try we can do anything we set our mind to. There were several examples given to us about how people would rise from poverty, how they would overcome their situations and accomplish great things. They accomplished these feats through hard work, sweat equity, and determination. Success is both a journey and a destination in some ways.

Your accomplishments you achieve along the way to your ultimate goal will provide you with enough success to make you want to continue on this journey. While this does give justice to what teachers, preachers, and civic leaders might consider the American dream, is this what I think of when think of the American dream? To me the American dream is somewhat individualistic. There are goals that everyone has growing up and some of these goals might be the same as everyone else, but everyone has their own goals. Everyone has their own version of what they think is the American dream.

The American dream to me is being able to achieve your goals. It is being given the opportunity to work for what you want. It is something that is difficult to obtain because it is a journey, not a destination. The American dream to me is being proud to say come from a country that strives to be a global leader and challenges its citizens to do the same. When think of the American dream think of the opportunity to raise a family in a country where we have a developed nation as well as freedoms that are ingrained in the very fabric of our nation.

We have freedoms that there countries, even well developed nations such as China, do not have. We have the ability to speak out against what we think is wrong and speak for what we feel is right. We have the chance at discourse and are allowed to debate viewpoints both in public and in private. We recognize that with freedom comes sacrifice. Freedom isn’t free. It is paid for by the service men and women who have given their lives to defend it. It is paid for by the activists such as Dry. King who, in spite of the constant danger, would travel to these places to stand up for those who could not stand up for themselves.

It is paid for by former leaders of this country such as Abraham Lincoln, who stood up for what was right, even though it wasn’t popular. The American dream is recognizing these sacrifices and trying our best, to make the best life we can for ourselves, as a way to honor these sacrifices. The American dream is being able to go back to college, to try to make a difference, an impact, in as many lives as I can. The American dream is having an education system that will help assist students with disabilities and allow them the opportunity to learn, rather than shun and ignore them.

The American dream is teaching our children that it is better to help others and to pay it forward when someone helps you out if the need arises. So now the only question left to attempt to answer is how to achieve the American dream? Believe the American dream will only be attainable through the use of some of the values that we’ve been told are pre-requisites of the American dream itself. There are values such as hard work and sacrifice that must be used to attain the American dream. But we need more than just that. Think there needs to be ore acceptance and tolerance of all people.

I would love to see an end to racism and hatred but I don’t know how realistic this is. We need to come together, all people, of all races and ethnicities and show the world that we are the majority; not the close-minded, not the racist and sexist, not the oppressive minority who pass hatred down. I think we need to realize that, while we as a nation have come a great way, we still have a great way to go. We also need to promote the idea of equality of opportunity. We need to give everyone a chance to showcase their abilities.

This can be done through programs to assist people in finding meaningful work. It can be done by creating more after school programs for “at risk” kids. We need to encourage diversity. We need to create a society that is not only tolerant but encouraging. If we can do this, while showing the American people that through hard work and cooperation problems can be solved, we have a shot at achieving the American dream. If we can do this, we might have a chance to live up to the hope Thomas Jefferson had for every American of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ”