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What does Amazon promo code do?Amazon is the most famous e-commerce company in the world. With many familiar customers of this website, Amazon promo code has become very familiar with many outstanding features. If you are wondering what the Amazon promo code is for? Then follow the article below to see the most accurate for you.What is Amazon promo code?Amazon is a well-known company based in the United States. Not only in the US, Amazon has been present in many different countries and became the number one online sales channel. With a large and diverse inventory of all the items you are looking for, there is an Amazon Kindle to choose from.But Amazon’s merchandise is usually from Amazon, consignments or self-employed merchants. To shop outside of the English language, you should also equip yourself with the necessary experience to avoid the purchase of inferior quality.To pay for goods on Amazon, in addition to international payment cards such as paypal credit card you can also use Amazon promo code. Gift cards are Amazon promo codes usually used to pay for purchases on Amazon. Gift cards will have a different card code, which corresponds to the different value of money to the value of $ 25 to $ 500.To own the Amazon promo code, you can do the following:Get yourself an affiliate for Amazon to redeem your gift card: This is how many people are popular to choose who to make. This is a business model by becoming a hired or “job” for Amazon. You will advertise that the merchandise on Amazon is promoted to potential customers. Depending on customer conversions, such as filling out forms, installing applications, purchasing … you will be paid the corresponding commission, usually ranging from 10% to 30% of the total cost. Products you sell to AmazonAcquisition from another service: You can purchase Amazon promo codes from Amazon Affiliates or from resellers who buy and resell. Depending on the requirements between the buyer and the seller, there will be different agreements on the conversion rate.What is Amazon promo code doing?Amazon gift card is usually used when buying items on all Amazon sites in all countries of the world, on Kindle, digital music and buying videos on Amazon Video. To use the Amazon promo code you can do the following:- Visit Amazon register new account, you click on the Account and select the form of payment by Gift card in the category “Apply a gift card to your account”.Or after selecting the item you want to buy on Amazon, in the process of purchase and payment, to the “Shipping and payment” step you can select “Add a new card”.