What should be Done with Drug Offenders in the U.S.?

“Drug offenders accounted for 59% of the growth in Federal prisons”, that’s just between 1999 and 2000 (Bureau.. , 2007). In addition to that, in 2000, approximately one-fifth or twenty one percent were “sentenced for a drug crime” (Bureau.. , 2007). This backs up the claim that drug use and abuse is indeed a chronic problem in the United States consequently leading to overcrowding of jails and prisons (Bureau.. , 2007). Since drug manufacturers, distributors, as well as, users pose a risk to everyone and that drug abuse affects the economy, US citizens, as well as, taxpayers are all affected by it (Bureau..

, 2007). That being said, in my opinion, drug offenders in the United States should be subjected to capital punishment. Capital punishment, first of all, should serve as a deterrent to any drug-related offense (White, 2007). To hold back from taking action or to dishearten somebody from taking action or to avert something from happening is the definition of the terminology which is technically referred to as ‘deter’ (White, 2007). Some people may argue that capital punishment “deter other people from committing crimes” (White, 2007).

Explaining further, if capital punishment is in existence then bad people who plan to carry out their bad plans will be giving another thought for such a move (White, 2007). Implementation of capital punishment will help deter people from wrongdoings like the activities of drug offenders, capital punishment in this case will serve as an example to those who are still planning to engage in criminal activities (White, 2007). Furthermore, capital punishment will also play a large role in punishing the drug offender.

In addition to that, it will also help the victims and their loved ones achieve retribution or justice (White, 2007). Retribution is given the following technical definition: “something carried out or given to an individual as punishment for something the person has committed” (White, 2007). An individual should be punished so that he or she will not commit again the drug-related activity he or she used to be involved in (White, 2007). Capital punishment should be carried out for drug offenders to serve as a deterrent for those who are still about to commit the drug-related crime.

It should also be carried to serve as a punishment for the offenders and to provide the victims and their loved ones retribution. The two aforementioned reasons reduce and eventually eliminate the risks that these offenders pose to everyone and it will help solve the financial dilemma that it causes as well. References Bureau of Justice Statistics. (2007). Criminal Offenders Statistics. Retrieved October 21, 2007 from http://www. ojp. usdoj. gov/bjs/crimoff. htm White, D. (2007). Pros and Cons of Death Penalty. Retrieved October 21, 2007 from http://usliberals. about. com/od/deathpenalty/i/DeathPenalty_2. htm