What the Letter Contained?

I would like first to confirm that I am in very good health. I was not in contact these last days as the internet connection was out of order. It is true that last time when I was talking to you my voice seemed fatigue, but this is because of the reasons I have explained earlier in my card. The emotional stress I pass through when you keep asking me about returning puts me under pressure.

I want to confirm that if I decide to return today, this hour, this moment, no one will or can stop me so please don’t worry. I am here because I wanted to achieve certain goals in life, which you already know. I want u to be assured that I have nice friends and people who look over my needs. Gigi, thank you very much for thinking of the house and financial arrangements. I appreciate your care and concern. I know and I am sure that oneday all our differences will disappear and that the relations will be restored between us.

This is at least what I hope for that we maintain peaceful relations afterwards. It is still that I am not sure I can trust coming back to Egypt. I am not yet ready for any problems that could occur. Gigi it is the first time since I left home that I feel that we r getting close to a common understanding. Please don’t be upset from me I might be overprotective but it took me a lot to be where I am now and to reveal my thoughts and my beliefs that I kept inside me under pressure for the past six years.

I love you all and look forward for the day we unit in peace.