What would i get rid off to improve life

Weapons If I hadn’t personally experienced how weapons, if fallen in the wrong hands, Hitler/ Bugaboo ‘Basher AAA Sad/ , can eradicate entire generations and civilizations I would not be so against it but an unforgettable image of demolition, annihilation and extermination is planted in my head. What drives me mad is why leaders can’t Just bother with their own country and their own business? Why are all the leaders in the world so greedy to a point where it is Just disgusting? Why can’t George Bush Just stay in America?

Did he really have to “help” Iraq? Why can’t Israel stay out of Palestine? Is it because it is a strong country and has nukes? If we were not living in a hideous, horrendous, horrifying world we would not have needed weapons. Yet if you we live in a bad world we try and make it better not worst with using or even inventing weapons Did it occur to you once why do weapons even exist? Have you ever asked yourself what mass destruction weapons are used for? Or what good are they doing for humanity?

Weapons of mass destruction are as useless as a roasted pork in Mecca completely and utterly useless, in fact, as it is obvious in the word “mass extraction”, it is only used to kills hundreds of thousands of people and do damage worth millions and millions of pounds. I have read on the internet an article that included the following statement “every dollar spent on weapons is a dollar less spent on education, development, and social welfare”. Which links to my next point; The US has spent more than 5. 5 trillion $ in developing their nuclear arsenal and France has spent about 1. Trillion $. These numbers do not include the costs of testing, fissile material production, storage and disposal. The costs for other nuclear weapon states are probably similar. To put this into perspective the price of global elimination of starvation, provision of health care, provision of shelter and clean water, elimination of illiteracy, provision of sustainable energy, debt relief for developing countries, clearance of landmines and more has been estimated to be about 260 billion $ annually for 10 years.

I think the difference is quite obvious. I can best explain this if I took a minute to talk about The Coherency disaster. The Coherency disaster was a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Coherency Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. Now this was only an accident and it cost 18 billion dollars. Imagine this was a deliberate attack; it would have killed hundreds of thousands. Now why would we not get rid of Wands and all other kinds of weapons and eliminate the chance of “accidents” happening again.

Let us think back to world war two (where no Wands were used) and the reason it all started. It was all because of a selfish maniac who wanted to rule the whole world. And he saw that going into war with France, England, Poland, Russia and plenty more would achieve that for him. Boy was he wrong. Not only Hitler caused Germany a meaning defeat but also he was the reason behind the bloodshed of more than 2. 5% of the world population.

That is sixty million people who had nothing to do with the war DEAD. It is true that it somehow protects the people and the government unfortunately is far from happening, there would be no more attacks. In a matter of fact there would be no more wars, no more conquers, and no more conflict between countries. I made my points; I have stated facts, opinions, life experience and evidences on the uselessness of weapons. I don’t think any of us would want to live in a havoc world.

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