When You Tell Something That Is Not The Truth

When you tell something that is not the truth, something happens inside of that person, They may tell the same lie over and over again. It hurts everyone beginning with the person who lies. It is a sin to lie. Thou shall not bear false witness. Emotional Bondage. One kind of lie -?a sin. Falsehood is fashioned. When that takes place in someone life? What is a little lie? There are no little lies. All lies are the same. If you don’t live with the truth, you will have conflict.

You cannot lie and have peace in your heart. Poor Relationships Emotional bondage – if you say this isn’t hurting anyone, I am just enjoying yeses, you are lying to yourself. How long does it take to mend broken trust? What we say and what we do is so very important. It hurts your self image. You see yourself that way – as a poor self image. Who do you trust when you can’t trust yourself? We only hide things that we don’t want people to know.

Face up to the truth. Always looking over your shoulder Truth is essential part of our life. You will never reach your potential in life when you don’t tell the truth. How do we build truth in your life? Recognize truthfulness as a foundational life principle. Evaluate the results of past failures of truthfulness. Consequences worth the lie? Accept Bible as the ultimate guidebook. Liars say – Don’t try to pull me into your mold!

Deliberate willful denial of the truth. Practice telling the truth and watch the consequences. The truth frees you – be honest with yourself and fail and Fear of rejection The person may love you more when you tell the truth Identify areas that you lie about most often. The truth cleanses us. Purpose your heart to be trustworthy, reliable and believable. True friends tell you the truth! Truth is the bottom line.