Why Are Computer Games

The precedent statement suggest that computer games are wasteful and depletes vast amounts of energy. I beg to differ. Games are not a waste of time, but a time waster if you’re stricken with boredom. As well as the cure for monotony, many gamers make money by playing games. Games don’t waste your energy, it will improve and test you physically and/or mentally. It may as well educate you with many life lessons. First of all, a waste of time. I wage that many of the public may agree, but what do they do when they are bored, on a train or bus or even at work?

They would pull out their phone and play ‘Angry Birds’, or sit back on there office chair and play ‘League of Legends’. A waste of time would be getting a metal detector, scanning the backyard for gold, and thinking you found something. After that, you would dig for hours on end, until you come to realization that you found a metal bowl. Now that is a waste of time. Many may argue, but at least having a 100% chance of achieving something in a game would be more exciting then having a 10 % chance to find gold or the missing link. However, by saying that your just virtually achieving pixels may sound zestful, and allow many to propose.

But, there are many people who are willing to pay fortunes for these pixels. For example, take games like ‘Team Fortress 2’ and ‘Counter Strike:Gibbon Offensive’ have weapons or weapon skins that they can sell on the community market. Some items range from 1 cent to 1000 dollars. You can also earn money by streaming yourself playing games on websites such as ‘Twitch’ or even start a ‘Youth’ channel which will allow you to gain money depending on your views and what ads play on your videos. Games are not waste of time. But establishing this will lead some to coo enter tit ‘But it will take up your energy’.

Valid point, but not flawless. Games can improve many of our aspects. Games like ‘Cysts’ or ‘Us test our reaction time and thought process. ‘Statecraft’ improves your strategy. ‘Guns of Cirrus’ improves your teamwork. There are many examples of games helping you. To conclude the crux of my argument, Computer games and games overall are not a waste of time or energy, due to the reasons stated above. Many, will argue, many will say that it will interfere with your school life, you turn dumb. Reply with Benjamin Franklin, need say more.