Why Do Good People Do Bad Things

The Pygmalion effect is the idea where if you think something will happen, you may unconsciously make it happen through actions or inactions. So, the way people are seen and treated influences the way they act. When people are given positive labels, they will work hard to reach them, and will succeed in doing so. An example of this is with an employee. When a worker is seen as responsible by a superior, they will take on more responsibilities, and become more trustworthy and responsible. But, the opposite is true too. The Geol. effect says lower expectations placed upon individuals will result in poorer reference.

When a person is called a “criminal,” they are treated as such and will likely engage in criminal behavior again. These are the psychological actions that explain why good people do bad things. Pressure always calls for questioning and hesitance toward actions. When given only once choice, to succeed, crumbling under that pressure is often. The Pygmalion effect says that high expectations lead to high outcomes, but this is without the pressure of due dates and grades. Having to succeed added with the realistic requirements is difficult. But, we also have to succeed y fitting in and meeting standards of society.

In “The Ones Who Walk Away From Meals,” citizens are faced with the pressure of being like each other in the society. They must follow the rules, and by doing so they succeed in living a happy life. “But few leave and break the rules, they leave Oranges, they walk ahead into darkness, and they do not come back. The place they go is towards is a place even less imaginable to most of us than the city of In this short story, those who don’t beat the child to help their community, fail as citizens. These people are the ones who walk away. They ere pressured to abuse him, but morally they knew it was wrong.

Because they walked away, they left happiness and a normal life. The others citizens in Meals are good people, but due to pressure to help and fit in with society, they beat the child. When people are under pressure, good people sometimes do bad things. Naturally, people worry about their reputation and how others think of them. When it is on the line, students, employees, and citizens go out of their way to salvage it. This is seen in everyday life. People get a “big head” and let their ego get aloud of them. When someone rises to power or superiority, this an often happen.

Power leads people to do strange things and risk their reputation “”lat was for one minute that I saw him, but the hair stood upon my head like quills. Sir, if that was my master, why had he a mask upon his In The Strange Case of Dry. Jewell and Mr.. Hyde, Mr.. Hyde starts to take over. Dry. Jewell can no longer control when Hyde comes. Hyde had complete control and power over Dry. Jewell. Because of this, both the reputation of Hyde and Jewell gets ruined. The only way Dry. Jewell can salvage it is to end the life of Hyde. This is just one example of how power leads to crazy actions.