Why do I have to teach values ??in addition to teaching math?

It takes courage to teach values… In a post a while ago I talked about the importance of education in values ??and explained the ??that consider essential for education in the schools of the century. Today I intend to reflect on why, what and how to teach values.

Even today many teachers are fearful and hesitate to teach values, they feel that their only job is to educate students, that is, teaching contents of different subjects that make the curriculum: mathematics, physics, literature … They think values ??education is the sole responsibility of families, which are part of the private sphere of individuals.

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But in the world of uncertainty in which we live where the contents are not permanent, where information is generated at breakneck speeds where continuous change and innovation are the key to learning … it makes sense only teach our students ?

In a society where values ??are in crisis, where the easy money, the vacuum successfully pursued … can we afford not to teach values ??to our students?

Education should aim at the integral formation of the person, you should work both personal or individual aspect as social or collective. That is a function of both the family and the school. It is therefore very important that schools are consistent in the values ??and working families know them and share them. There is nothing more “neurotic” for a child (or young) who receive mixed messages, as regards values, between the school and the family, at school tell me that’s fine, home tell me it’s wrong.

The other day I heard say the philosopher Francesc Torralba, in a conference on sport as an engine of securities organized by the Bofill Foundation, the values ??are transmitted continuously, exemplary and human activities. Teaching values ??have to be a constant work, has to be experiential (stock unspoken, it acts), they must have complete consistency between what is done and how it is done (not I can be talking of respect Moreover, while I scream my students to shut), and what I find even more important, work on values ??must be intentional (planned, evaluated …).

Education itself is not guaranteeing adequate transmission of values, it is more, depending on how counter-act can be transmitted. But education is a privileged means to educate people to respect human values, that is, those who have accepted the agreement as valid by all the men and women. Long values ??education has been closely linked to religious education today is absolutely necessary that we educate all values ??for a more just, more respectful … a better society more equitable society.