Why Frogs Jump

Why Frogs Jump. Once upon a time, there was a frog. This frog was named Matthias. He had four legs that were used for getting around. Matthias was green, he walked on all four of his feet. He lived in a pond, in the enchanted Rainforest’s in Africa. He lived with his grandparents. Matthias has no siblings and no parents. They got attacked by the evil snakes. The frog population was at risk, due to the frequent snake attacks. So, Matthias started to build forts, for his, his grandparents, and his populations safety. He worked hard everyday, and he wished that all these evil snakes would one day sappier.

One day Matthias decided to take a Journey in the Rainforest’s to gather supplies to make his fort bigger. He heard that this enchanted forest had plenty materials that he needed. As Matthias proceeded on his Journey, he meets a squirrel. The squirrel introduces herself, her name is Patty. They chatted for a bit then Matthias starts to tell her what’s going on to his population. When he finishes telling her, Patty is surprised because the same thing is happening to her species. She starts to explain to Matthias about some wishing tree her parents told her about.

The tree is numinous, has bright pink leaves all year around, and has orange color bark. This special tree is known as Willowiest. In order to make a wish, you’ll have to eat one piece of the bark and then wish whatever you want. Patty shows Matthias how he’s going to find the tree. Then he continues on his Journey, all by himself. As Matthias moves closer to the tree, Willowiest. He suddenly gets the urge to drink tons and tons of water. He searches for water, then he finally finds a beautiful waterfall. Matthias runs as fast as he can towards the waterfall and starts drinking away as much as he could.

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He felt very refreshed after. He gets up and starts walking away. Then he starts to gradually develop hiccup and doesn’t know what to do. He picks up his pace to get to Willowiest. Matthias runs to get a piece of the barks, eats it then makes a wish. He wishes for these hiccup to be gone already! But before he knew it, he Just wasted his one wish. Matthias was really disappointed, so he turned around and walked towards his home. Then he realized that his hiccup went away! But sadly, 5 minutes later… They came back.

As soon as they started again, a white cater, named Ashley, Jumps out of he bush and scares Matthias. He got SO scared that he Jumped up high in the air. The cat scared the hiccup away! That’s when Matthias realizes that he can Jump. He practices his Jumping all the way home. When Matthias arrives to his home, he is so excited to start teaching the other frogs how to Jump. So now, the evil snakes cannot eat the frogs because the frogs can get away from them by Jumping. To this day, Ashley the cat saved the frog population by scaring a frog and causing it to Jump. The frogs still exist! Why Frogs Jump By smarmier