Why Teaching

Why Teaching? By Perry Cumberland It started when I was in middle school, the dream to be an Architect. It was with me all through High School and into college. The whole time I always said would either be an Architect or would teach it. After failing my engineering course for the fifth time, dropped out of college. Then After about 2 years of searching for something, I joined the Air Force. All the while realizing that I was not happy with what I was doing.

After nine years ravening the world and serving my country I decided it was time to find out what I was going to do with my life. Came back to Springfield to find myself a career. I started at Cargill, a union job that really was paying the bills. But again, was not happy with where the future was taking me. Then the decision to close the plant here in Springfield came down and I had to find something else. All I could find was a bar managers position. That was good but, offered no benefits.

I realized that with my college credits I could work or the school district as a teaching assistant. I started at the High school level. That is when I realized that I really enjoyed helping the students understand how to do things. At that time I was in an accounting class and a home economics class. And even though the pay was not great it included good benefits, summers off, and the understanding smiles. It really would hit me, how much, didn’t know at the time, when the light goes on for a student.

When they really do understand how something works or why we do things hat way. It was amazing. So, I stated taking classes to get my degree. I wasn’t sure how to get where wanted to go. I asked some friends I was working with and then some folks at the University. And today, I have a BAA in LIST with most of those credits coming from the Mathematics Department. Now I am back to get a licenser for teaching math at the secondary level.