Wildlife Capstone

What are the 4 sampling designs?
What is simple random sampling?
Every unit in the population has an equal chance of being drawn in the sample.Ex. Random number generator
What is systematic random sampling?
Selecting sampling units at regular intervals.ex. Every third capture
What is stratified random sampling?
Used when obvious subpopulations exist within the population being sampled.ex.

splitting a group into male and females

What are sub-populations called in stratified sampling?
What is cluster random sampling?
A simple random sample in which each sample unit is a cluster or collection of observationsex. random herds of deer
What are plots?
Things a super villain has.Plots are geographic areas (circular, square, or rectangular) that are the elements of the population
What is point sampling?
A set of points is established throughout the population and measurements are taken from each sample point.
What is transect sampling?
A transect is a straight line placed in the area to be sampled.
What are the 5 uses of remote cameras?
Humans would cause disturbance to wildlife behaviorCan be used for extended timesCan be used in dangerous areasData can be verifiedBetter in the dark than human eyes
What determines the effectiveness of cameras?
Battery lifeData storage capacityPicture quality (resolution
What three things help battery life on cameras?
Higher capacity batteries (lithium)Solar chargesExternal battery packs
What are active infrared cameras?
Create a trip line of light, activating when it is broken
What are passive infrared cameras?
Detect radiation and movement to activate
What are the methods for estimating abundance?
Drive countsStrip countsLine transectsRemoval methodsMark-recapture methods