Will Medicare Fraud Lessen?

“Justice is served. ” The news article, related to the arrests of at least a dozen fraudulent medically affiliated individuals, entitled “Dozens Arrested in Medicare Fraud Totaling $251 Million” by the Associated Press on July 16 of this year, really found its way to me being a nurse practitioner. It involves the medical industry in the process, giving shame to each and everyone in the industry, giving shame to ALL of us, whether that person or this person, or even yours truly, is directly or indirectly or even not involved in the process of defrauding Medicare, and in effect defrauding the United States (US) citizens.

Medicare has been there helping the patients for so long and these scams have been existent for quite sometime, and yet, no one did something against it. In this regard, it is a very good thing that these dishonest individuals in the industry are being arrested and more will be arrested if these untrustworthy medical people continue their unrighteous activities.

Being one of the many Americans who are not so optimistic with the current healthcare programs of the current administration pushed strongly none less than by the President himself, seeing this proactive move and seeing how crime pays, this surely diminishes, if not fully eliminate, our doubts about improving the US health care system. The article has its appeal to me being part of the industry. Moreover, it is interesting to know that the government is doing its part in trying to correct the wrongdoings of its citizens and do these exemplary initial arrests.

In this regard, those who plan to do the same crime within the industry would think twice, crime would be lessen, the fund of Medicare can be spent for better purposes and one little good thing can lead to another. It is important to realize though that a range of $60-$90 billion annually is not in anyway small. This money of the US people, in terms of taxes and other forms, can be instead spent in education to make the United States even a more intelligent nation than giving this amount to undeserving individuals.

Furthermore, the medical industry in the long run can be cleaned of fraudulent members, or at least will have lesser fraudulent practitioners and members. Reading the article though does not answer the following related questions: 1. Will these arrests lessen the fraudulent practices in profiting from Medicare and other similar manners of fraudulent acts in the medical industry? What are the forecasted statistics of the expected effects of this move against Medicare Fraud? 2.

Are the patients who gave out their Medicare personal codes also responsible in some degree? Since they are also part of the fraudulent process, and they received monetary benefits from it, the whole process makes them involved. In this regard, will some penal charges apply to them in this context? Giving additional thoughts to the article, it was also mentioned that officials said that violent criminals and mobsters are also tapping into the scams, seeing Medicare fraud as more lucrative than dealing drugs and having less severe criminal penalties.

This reality is really unnerving and with this breakthrough and arrests, it will at least lessen the possibility of this worsening situation in Medicare fraud. It would be great if this project on busting these Medicare scams would be spontaneous and not only seasonal so that maximum benefits for both the US citizens and for the medical industry would be fully reaped. Reference Dozens Arrested in Medicare Fraud Totaling $251 Million. (2010, July 16). New York Times. Retrieved July 21, 2010, from NYT archive: http://www. nytimes. com/2010/07/17/us/17fraud. html? _r=2&scp=1&sq=Medicare%20fraud&st=cse