It also requires independence, clandestine and mostly selection 01. You are more likely to resist your urges when you have more control of your body. Furthermore, the authors say that the willpower can be trained like a muscle and I also agree with this statement. However, willpower is mentally limited as like a muscle getting sore after too much of straining. The article gives a great example for that. It states that you are more likely to ail if you intend to quit smoking, lose weight and stop shouting at children all at the same time.

You are mentally not build to lose bad habits at once, so you have to pick only one resolution before intentionally starting another one. Moreover, I also believe as the authors that blood sugar level is an important key for willpower. You are more likely to make a difficult a decision after a meal rather than HTH inking about food while you are starving. Lastly, the morals and good habits you already have, will help you to strength n your willpower.

Any good habits such as sitting straight, healthy food, committing to your goal s, getting support from friends, family or even online will guide you to become a mentally strong re person. In conclusion, it is your own choice whether to overcome your desire or not. T he article says that nowadays the society makes it even more difficult for us to resist our own et mutation, for example the way how supermarket are constructed. Button are open minded in improvisatory life there are many ways to do so. You just have to want it.