Wireless Network Components

All version of the above computers could be wireless but only a few of them can be wired; desktop, net book, slate and laptop. The next piece of equipment I am going to cover is the Wireless Network interface card. These can be an USB add on or an embedded component on the above computers. The usually run about $30 dollars (CDC, 2013). They are required if you want your computer to talk to the wireless router. A wireless router is a device that provides service to a wireless access point (WAP) for a wireless computer to innocent to a network with.

A normal router would connect wired items to the network. A home or network may just have one or may have both a wireless and wired router to run all the equipment. It all matters on what you plan on running in your home. Both of these devices came in several bands and can be purchased for around $75 (COW, 2013). Another piece of equipment that a company may have is a hub and or a switch. These devices will connect many Ethernet devices together. This will then in turn talk back to the network for the users. It IS somewhat like a router.

These usually run from about $100 up into the thousands. Again it all matters on what your needs are. Another item that is needed is a modem. This item connect you to your local ISP and out to the World Wide Web. These can come in three different versions. First there is an old dial up version. These are hard to find anymore and cost around $20. The Cable modem and DSL modem you typically get from your ISP and pay a monthly fee for access. These are a much faster connection and are typically found in today’s homes. Many homes have a printer.

These can be either wireless, wired or connect via LESS. Most homes only have inkiest printers and most companies deal in Laser printers. These are not a required device but are commonly found. Another item that is not required but many homes have is a scanner. In fact these items are sometimes even wrapped up in a package with a printer to make a multifunction device. This item takes photos of items for the users. Then it manipulates the photo into an image that can be manipulated using many different pieces of software.

Prices for both these items can range from $40 up into the thousands Next is a firewall. This item inspects all the incoming and outgoing data on the network for any security violation. This can be just a piece of software or an actual physical device. Most homes will not have a piece of equipment for this but may have a subscription to MacAfee or another firewall product. Companies on the other hand almost always have a physical firewall. This helps them protect the network from the end-users. A fire wall has quite a span in price.

It can be anywhere from free up to thousands of dollars. It all just matters on what kind of coverage you may need. Next device is a server. Most homes will not have one of these. A computer will use a server to distribute information and software to many or all the computers on a network. These are almost always wired but technically can be wireless. The stability of the wireless network is not the best when it comes to servers because of the amount of data that may be exchanged within a single transaction much less many going on at the same time..

These can cost anywhere from $300 all the way up into the hundreds of thousands it all just matters on what your needs may be. Lastly is a multiplexer this device takes one input signals and makes it many output signals. This device is typically wired but can also run wirelessly. This device needs other devices to run at all and will not work on its own. This device seems to run about $70. Hope you learned a lot about the different devices that may be found on a network for home or company use.