What is a population?
A group of organisms usually of the same species, occupying a place at a specific time.
What is an exponential equation stating?
If deaths did not offset births, the result would be an infiniteley growing population
dN=Change in number
dt=change in time
r=per head maximum growth
N=number of individuals in the population
What is a logistic equation stating?
Most populations cannot have an unrestricted rate growth forever.


K=maximum number of individuals the population can sustain

When is the maximum sustained yield in a logistic equation?
At half the carrying capacity
What are Density-Dependent Factors?
A factor that causes moralities or reduced birth rates as a population becomes more dense
what are density independent factors?
A factor that causes higher mortality or reduced birth rates independent of population density
What are the two types of hunting mortality?
Additive or Compensatory
What are harvest management goals?
Determine status of resource
Determine objectives and goals
Establish management strategies
Determine how closely the management strategies achieved goals
How can you limit harvest?
Limit number of hunters
License restrictions
timing and duration of the harvest
How do you measure the harvest?
Mandatory reportin
Check stations
Mail surveys
Phone surveys
What is delayed implantation?
Egg is fertilized, but doesn’t immediately implant.
How many geese are there nationwide?
3.5 million
How many migratory bird hunters are there?
2.3 million
What much do migratory bird hunters spend?
1.3 billion
How many black bear hunters are there?
How much do bear hunters spend?
11.6 million anually
What is the damage to livestock by coyotes?
6 million dollars
How many deer are there?
15-26 million
How much damage do deer do to crops?
$500 million
How much damage do deer cause to vehicles?
$1-2 billion
How many fatalities a year?
How much do deer generate in revenue
28 billion nationally
Why do suburban areas have high deer populations?
No hunting
Quality food sources
What does deer abundance lead to ?
Vehicle collisions
Excessive herbivory
How do you reduce deer populations in urban areas?
Why isn’t hunting usable in urban areas?
Safety Concern
Social attitudes
Hunting/firearm discharge restrictions
Liability or PR concerns
How much does a deer cost to remove in a controlled hunt?
$160-$600 per deer
How much does it cost for a sharpshooter to remove deer?
$9-300$ per deer
How much does trap and translocate cost to remove deer?
$400-$2900 per deer
How much does trap and euthanasia cost?
$300 per deer
What are non lethal management options in urban areas?
Habitat modification
Ban on deer feeding
Inedible landscape plants
Supplemental feeding
Where did gunpowder originate?
China, around the year 1000
Who was the monk that recorded gunpowders recipe?
Roger Bacon
When where muskets made?
15th century
What was the first trigger based gun?
What was the gun that replaced the matchlock?
Wheel lock
What was the first gun?
What us a firearm?
a kinetic energy weapon that fires either single or multiple projectiles at high velocity by the gases produced by action of the rapid confined burning of a propellant.
What is the action of a gun?
It loads, fires, and discharges the spent casing
What is a gauge?
The number of lead balls with a diameter of the gun barrel that equals one pound.
When was the bow made?
Around 40,000 BC
When was the compound bow made?
How many people commit suicide with guns every year?
Over 20,000
How many people commit suicide with guns every year?
Over 20,000
What did Kurt Eichenwald say should be done with guns.
Ban accessories
Adopt rules
Outlaw public display of weapons
Allow conceal of weappons
Stop trying to ban scary addons
Forget attaks on the armor peircing bullets
Abandon efforts to outlaw assualt weapons
What is the percent of shootings that take place in K-12
53% k-12
How many denials are there per 100 gun purchase request?
What can bar someone from owning a gun.
Being in prison for over a year
Being a fugitive from justice
Use of drugs
Mental illness
Illegal Alien