A t-test is used when:
You wish to compare the mean of 2 populations
What is the chi square test for used for?
You have categorical response and predictor variables
The null hypothesis of a t test states:
There is no difference between the mean of two populations
We reject the null hypothesis when:
The p-value of the test statistic is small (e.g.


What is the slope coefficient in the linear model y=mx+b
The data we provide in linear regression is
Response and predictor variables
The quantities we estimate in linear regression are
Test statistic and p-values and slope coefficient and intercept
The null hypothesis in linear regression is
No relation between the predictor and response variables
The null hypothesis of a chi square test is
There is no association between the two categories
When studying unmarked animals we ask questions related to
Habitat relationships and abundance
Point counts are most effective for sampling what?
Breeding passerines
A sample unit is what?
The element of an investigation subject to replication
The sampling unit when snorkeling is often what?
the randomly selected stretch of stream
Distance sampling is based on the idea that
animals are easier to detect when closer to the observer
Knowledge of statistics is important at what steps of the scientific method
Design research to test hypotheses and analyzing data
In order to be part of a statistical population, each potential sample unit must
be available for sampling