What is the Sample unit in marked animals
Individual animals with known identities.
What is the Response Variable in marked animals?
Things like alive or dead in a survival study.
What is the Predictor Variable in marked animals
In presence or absence studies, things like types of plants or water depth
What are the steps of designing a study?
Identify target population
Identify potential study sites within the target populations
Use a probabilistic sampling scheme to Identify actual study sites
Identify trap sites within study sites
what is a beam trawl?
Beam keeps mouth open, fixed area
What is an otter trawl?
Use trawl doors to keep the mouth open through lateral pressure
What are some factors that influence gear choice?
Environmental influences
Crew experience
What is the current used for electrofishing?
Pulsed Direct Current
What is Density?
The number of individuals per unit space withing a particular area at a particular time
What is n2 in the Lincoln Peterson index?
Total number of individuals captured during a trapping season
What is m in the Lincoln Peterson index?
number of recaptured animals
What is n1 in the Lincoln Peterson index?
the total number of marked animals in the population
What is the detection probability formula in the Lincoln Peterson index?
What is the lincoln peterson formula?
N=((n1+1)(n2+1)/(m+1)) -1
What is 1st order selection?
The physical range limit of a species?
What is second order selection?
Placement of home range within a species geographic range.
What is 3rd order selection?
Physical locations within an animals homerange.
What is design 2?
The individual animal is identified
What is design 3?
The individual animal is identified and intensley studied
What are eDNA primary sources?
egestion, excretion, secretion, exfoliation, reproduction, decomposition
What are eDNA secondary sources?
predators, scavengers, coprovores, detritrivores
Mark recapture techniques are used to study what?
abundance and survival
Third order habitat selection refers to?
an animals physical location within a home range
You have counts of individuals within, and the proportion of area represented by each habitat. What statistics technique do you use?
Chi squared
The lincoln peterson estimator assumes what?
No mortalities during the study
Program mark is what?
Software for conducting advanced mark and recapture
Selection ratios are used to do what?
Determine if a habitat is used more or less than expected.
What account for imperfect detection when estimating abundance?
Lincoln peterson estimator
A type 1 design does not require what?
Does not require individual animals to be marked
When do you choose to use a chi square test?
Evaluate patterns of habitat selection?
What is a t-tests used for?
Compare the means of two categorical populations?